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The Russian Vegetarian Experiment

It all starts with a piece of fish. I have been brought up to be a vegetarian when i was younger. My mum wouldn’t allow me to bring an egg into the house. Those were the rules. Since i hadn’t tasted it before i didn’t really care. The first time i ate a piece of meat was a piece of fish at a friend’s house. I choked on that since i didn’t know there would be a bone in the fish. After that i stayed a vegetarian for about 7 years. Continue reading “The Russian Vegetarian Experiment”

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Thailand and Chai

The wife and I wanted to go on a holiday and decided that Russia seemed to be the right fit. While she did her research, I had heard about the Tsar and the brilliant train journey across Siberia. As usual since wqe cant just book tickets and leave we had to figure out how to get a Visa and find the cheapest way to Russia.  Thanks to Coupoun codes and Sky scanner we found the cheapeast ticket to Russia via Thailand. Continue reading “Thailand and Chai”