Been on my own for the last couple of days or so. The wife is on vacation and left me behind to baby sit the kids. The kids in this case are 2 dogs both adopted and extremely loving. The elder is Pip and the younger is Trouble.

Here is how my day normally is :

3 am : Trouble for reasons i haven’t figured out starts to bark at the dogs across the apartment building. I have no idea how is manages to see the dog which is across 500m but unable to see the bone i hid 5 m away. I also think he does that so that i will wake up and run outside to find him , carry him and bring him back to bed. Pip in the meantime has moved to my side of the bed and made himself comfortable on my pillow.

3:33 am : Pip and Trouble decide its time to play. Since they are awake and like to pretend wrestle ( they do watch WWE with me ) , they fall all over and wake me up just as i am back falling asleep.

4 am : Shoes, Earphones, chargers, green tea, orange peels left unattended to get moved to the hall away from me. They chew, tear and break anything that they can find. Pip seems to love earphones while trouble likes to eat the wash cloth.

5 am : Pip comes back to bed and Trouble is out doing something . I know because Pip would snuggle by pushing me and i get woken up. Trouble does come back but usually when it gets little colder. He loves to cuddle.

7 am: Time to wake up. Pip believes in stealing the blanket. While Trouble tries to drag Pip. The only one who hates this is me. The moment i wake up Pip is ready to stick his tongue on my face. Yes i do wash my face eventually. The next 15 mins will decide if i take them for a walk or not. Usually Pip ensures that i take him out.

7: 15 am : Its time to go for a walk. It must have been easier to catch a dragon than these idiots. Does take a few mins and during this time one of them does try to bite me ( playfully hopefully ) .

7:20 am : Trouble must have been a sled dog in his past life ( Reincarnation is true , Shut up and read on ). The moment the door is open he starts to drag me out.  Its doubly hard when you have to lock the door and hold the dogs at the same time . From this moment on the leash never slacks. Vigilance is the price i pay when i take them out.

7: 38 am : Remember the dog from the previous night. He is about 2.5 times bigger than Trouble but that doesn’t stop Trouble from growling and getting ready to bite him. Thankfully the dig has learnt not to trouble us. Trouble is a fighter atleast he is all bark and  little bite ( he did bite me twice ).

7:40am : Another dog walks by and Trouble is ready. During this interaction Pip wants to play with the other dog but isn’t able to as Trouble sees anyone bigger than him  treat.

7: 48 am : Almost at Adigas . The 3412 dogs around have noticed us there and start barking. Trouble is on alert. People visiting the store are scared. My coffee come faster. The walk him is a literal drag . Every part of my hand hurts from trying to hold them back from running.

8:00 am : Back home. Pip is excited to be back. Seems to find my shorts in corner and has started to chew on it. 5 seconds after i notice that he and Trouble start to bite each other. Idiots.

8: 20 am : Pip goes pop at home. Rascal finds the only space in the balcony that i have just finished cleaning. The moment he is done Trouble comes to investigate. They make a quick exit when i walk in with the mop. Trouble while walking out steals the floor mat and runs with it. No idea why. I don’t he knows why too.

9: 00 am : Time to make them some food. They wait. They watch. They Bark. They bite. They jump. All this is happening when I have just taken the food bowl in. Breakfast is usually bread and curd.

9:02 am : Bread and curd is served the boys are snobs . They walk away and chew on the shorts that they had left behind. This time for revenge they pee on the cycle and on the stool. Again i think this is revenge.

9:04 am : I make chai for myself and the boys are back in Kitchen hoping they make some chicken . They notice that the chicken is missing and I’m making chai so they walk away. They don’t like me.

9:30 am : I got in to the loo and close the door. 3 secs later i hear scratching. Experience tells me that its Trouble who wants to see what is happening inside. HE has FOMO. I try to ignore it but it doesn’t happen. He walks in and Pip follows. Both are shocked to see me inside. I wonder who they thought was inside.

10: 00 am : Time to go to work. The boys are disappointed that I’m not staying back and watching supernaturals with them. I open the shoe cupboard and Trouble is intrigued to see if he can take something and run. That doesn’t happen. Time to go to work. Both get equal amount of love sometimes one runs away so that s harder.

10:05 am : I open the door to go out and trouble runs out. Pip follows just because he can. I run after them. As i jump down flight of stairs to catch them they are long gone. As i reach the ground floor they are busy peeing on the plants and checking out the pool. Pip comes running back as he s an idiot and is excited to see me. Trouble is confused and doesn’t know what to do. Finally i catch him as he is about to pee on some kids or the stool . Hopefully i don’t get kicked out  from the apartment soon.

10: 30 am : Im tired and exhausted. I carry Trouble up and Pip follows . He knows what he did was wrong but he s happy. They get  stern lecture followed by some love just incase they think i don’t love them anymore.

10:35 am : I lock the door and head to work. I can hear scratching on the door. Trouble wants to come out but thanks to the door i don’t have to worry. As i start the motorcycle and ride out i see them looking at me form the balcony.

Fast forward : As the evening comes i have no idea what they do.

8 pm : Just getting back home. The moment Pip hears the door he comes up to greet me. Trouble looks sleepy. The Sofa is chewed up , the mop cloth is torn and the bicycle has pee They seem to like to give me some work to do the moment i come in.

8:03 pm : As i open the door to the bedroom, Pip goes running in , Trouble follows . Pip jumps on the bed while trouble tries to catch him during the jump. As i bring the vacuum cleaner out to clean the floor both look surprised. This is same thing i do everyday but still they are surprised. As i turn the Vacuum cleaner on Pip runs for cover while Troubles looks at it and tries to come closer. Both of them are scared of it . No idea why they are, maybe its because of the noise it makes. The next 20 mins is spent with me cleaning the floor while Trouble follows me around trying to play with the hose. Pip is still hiding.

8:30 pm : I clean the balcony and the moment i finish Pip walks in and quickly runs out leaving a trail of foot prints around the entire house. It still play time so they continue to fight / play with each other. I choke slam Pip and trouble tries to bite him mid air.

10 pm : Dinner is served and since there isn’t any chicken they don’t like it. They hopefully would eat later. I start to watch something while the boys settle down till Trouble can spot the pup next door. They wait for a bit for me to settle down and ensure that i won’t throw a shoe at them if they star too bark.  Shoes do fly everyday. They eat the shoe after i throw it at them.

As all this happens around me i have forgotten to talk to the wife and i call. The moment i say hello the boys start to bark. They do miss her. I miss her. She’s back in a month. So this shall continue till then and after she is back . I use her shoes to throw at them. I’m waiting. They are aerodynamic.

As i finish writing this its time to go home to see what they are up to. Its been a good day. It always is a good day when you go back home to the kids.