I always thought i was a procrastinator. Was having a chat with a friend over a cup of coffee at Koshy’s and bitching about how hard it for me to do a few things which i needed to get done soon. Things which i have put aside for a long time and haven’t found “time ” to do it. Some of the things include : ordering a gas connection, placing a door stopper on a door that had broken, replacing a mosquito mesh etc.

During the conversation he brought up something very interesting. Every-time i want to do something example : ride my bicycle, go on holiday, go out to buy smokes etc i do that immediately. I don’t wait for the right moment for inspiration to go out and complete the tasks. For tasks that i dislike doing i keep putting them off till the very end. I do that until either the wife nags about it or someone else will do it for me.

The most important part of the conversation was about happiness. I usually will not put off things that i like doing. Anything i like or makes me happy doing gets priority.  Now my understanding this does not mean i will now put effort and start doing all of the tasks i dislike. There is a saying that goes “knowledge is power” . Here in-spite of all the knowledge i am powerless to do so since i simply don’t like doing it. The easiest way to change that would be to start putting in the effort. Thats not going to be easy .

Simply put no i am not a procrastinator but someone who chooses tasks based on what makes me happy.

No wonder the single most advise by anyone these days is find what you like to do and do that for a living. I would want to do something that gets to ride my bike around the world or start a farm and grow a bunch of veggies.

The secret says when you ask for something the whole world conspires to give it to you. Well i have placed the request.