I have started riding my bike everywhere in the city for the last few days. This is a long way from when i would not really like to ride in the city but would prefer touring on it instead. The cost of gas and a slightly large tummy has forced me to think about health and fitness before i attempt my next tour.

Shiva Rathri is the start of summer which means that it would rain for one day and the next day onwards will be hot as hell. The last few days having been slightly chilly in Bangalore and keeps threatening to rain. Each evening i ride to Koramangala and go out for a cup of coffee with a friend to Koshy.

Last evening i happened to ride to Koshy’s instead of Koramanagala. I checked weather (well i looked up at the sky ) and dint seem like it would rain. At 8pm it starts to pour without any warning.  I was stuck without a jacket and had about 10 km to go back home. Its not the first time i am riding back in the rain. I have ridden through torrential rainfall on my way to Haridwar so isn’t new. Yesterday was different. Very different. As i rode back home all i could think of was why don’t i wear a helmet, hope the car in front of me doesn’t cut left.

Halfway through the ride i started to wonder why am i thinking about being careful, what am i worrying about. The answer to that seems to be really simple. It happens as i grow up. Today i no longer have to worry only about me but also worry about the wife and the kids (Pip and Trouble). I think the bigger worry for me is in case something does happen what happens to the kids since the wife is not at home. Who will trouble bite seems to be an important worry.

Long long long ago a friend told me this would happen. He knew i would grow up and be responsible. I laughed at him and called him a  dumbass. Today i think i should call him the Oracle. He could see the future. As i finish writing this i look up and see the sky only to see that it seems like its going to rain. I have to meet someone at Koshy’s and heading out now. This should be an interesting ride. Is till don’t have a jacket though.