Every plan needs a start date. These dates don’t have to make any sense but  serve as a start point to do something.

After i came back home from my ride across the country and sat down and did nothing for a few days a thought crossed my mind.  It wasn’t about what to do next?, Where to work?, Is it the time to get married?, etc.  The thought was about when can i do this again. I loved the feeling of riding across the country, stoping when i wanted, meeting new people and spending some time alone. This time around rather than another small / short ride the idea was to go around the world with no end date in sight.

Why 20th June and not another date remains a mystery. I remember thinking about a date to start and this date came up. The other variables like money, family etc i know would get sorted out. The idea is simple, Ride around the world and see what the good Lord intended for me to see.

Financials : Did a quick workout on how much it will cost and turns out i would need about 100K US in order to do this. This money would mean i ever have to work again ever. Looking back at that amount in the last few years i have saved very very little, the financials have to still fall in place.

The task at hand seems huge and doesn’t seem possible but like OOgway said in Kung fu Panda “you just need to believe”, i believe that everything will fall in place. I have talked about this date to anyone who would care to listen, put it up as my  WhatsApp status message for years and now writing i am writing about it.

A few years ago, i had met someone to told me that before we do something we usually declare (talk about it ) the plan. His rationale for my ride that i did was that since i told someone that i was planning to ride to Leh on my bicycle it happened. That seemed strange because when i told someone of it i full only thinking about it, nothing was concrete and a friend told me it wasn’t possible. That was my introduction to the Secret. Sometimes you just don’t know if you want it enough but it seems like the  Universe does know.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. 20th June, 2018, i ride around the world in my bicycle.