In Indiranagar this morning with the wife to meet her doctor. Since i hadn’t had a cup of coffee since i woke up i decided rather than both us wait for the doc, i would go down and grab a quick smoke. Around the bend of the hospital was a small cart that sold smokes, chai and samosas (maybe).

I asked for a cup of tea and a smoke. Thanked the guy for me giving me that and he did say ” Welcome”. Put a smile on my face. I just love hearing that from people i don’t expect will use that word. Anyways I was done in about 10 mins and was still craving for another cup of tea and a smoke. Ordered for that and before he poured it out, i checked to see if i had enough money. Realized i was 5 Rs. short and asked the guy if i could pay him back in a bit. Surprisingly he agreed. No fuss, no sarcastic dialogues , nothing. He just agreed.

Many a time i haggle with the auto guy, Beedi shops for change and nobody is willing to let go of a rupee. I have even seen really really rich people arguing in the middle of the road with the vegetable guy for 5 Rs. They always ensure that they make better on the deal than the vegetable shop / cart man . Nobody ever lets the trader win. Everyone wants to make a buck. Here i have a guy who has to pay cops to keep his shop from being towed away and is still generous and trusting. The guy doesn’t know me. I haven never seen him nor will i see him after today unless i come back to this part of the town, and still he trusts that i will give him his money back.

The amount of money isnt large for either me and him but the act of him willing to let go of that amount is amazing. The next time i haggle with the shopkeeper for change etc i should start to trust and let them hold onto the the change for a bit.

I did go and pay the guy back. I had to go and pay the guy back. He made an impression. I did say “thank you” and did did say “welcome”.