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Today has been a hard day at work. I have had to deal with paper work that is left behind by other people and have gotten a earful for not giving out stuff on time. I can say it isn’t  by fault or i am not responsible but that doesn’t help. If it has to be done, it has to be done. I was taught in the past that when you have a bad day or are feeling that the you have been wronged or just plain pissed think about the miracles that have happened in your life.

So i happened to land in engineering because my dad wanted me to study engineering. After i got about 40% in PU and was looking and thinking about college by Dad had a long chat with me. I was working at that time and i thought that was perfect and dint need to study. Dad insisted i study and asked me if engineering was ok. I distinctly remember telling him that i would study anything as long as it was starting in October.  To my surprise I  got into a really good college which happened to start in October. That was the only year where admissions were postponed for more than 3 months. I know it was for me. A lot of people would laugh at that thought but looking back at it, i think it was meant for me.

In college i was called the Reval king. Let me explain. Every time i put in my exam booklet to be re- evaluated i would pass. If i out in 4, i would pass 2. I was sure i would pass 2. That’s how it usually went. In my 2nd year, i have failed more than 6 papers and had to stay at home and finish them before i could get to the next year. I wrote all my exams and had 1 paper that after 5 attempts wasnt able to pass. On my last attempt, i failed again. I got 17 and needed 18 more marks to pass. It is unheard that in reevaluation that anyone would get that much ever. i applied. In the meantime i started to do a bunch of really interesting things. I went out of my way to help a bunch of people etc. During one of those meetings my result was announced. My mum found out and sent me a message saying i had passed. I had not done anything, it just happened.  I call this the grace of god.

Fast forward a few years later, i started a business with about 20 rupees in my pocket. This really nice girl helped create a logo, create visiting cards for me. She did this for her class project and i happened to start at the same time. I happened to meet her by accident and mentioned that i was just starting off.  Sheer coincidence i think not. I learnt how to design from her. She showed me everything i needed to know about the design space, for this i am forever grateful .

As a result of running the business and traveling i got into a B school to study an MBA. There i managed to build the business and go intern at the circus. When everyone went to a large corporate to intern, i went ot Jumbo circus to intern. I loved the experience. It taught me how to do grassroot level marketing. I stuck posters on streets, cleaned floors amongst other things but loved the experience. Looking back at it, that experience has kept me safe on my travels. After that i went to Nepal for a music festival and managed to stay sober.  I applied for a course in the US and got in. This time the visa dint come through. As a result of that i had to study in Bangalore and was pissed but it tuned out brilliantly. I finished my MBA and took off on a bike ride for 6 months. The things i saw and people i have met has shaped me as a person. I was safe, nobody harmed me,  people were hospitable and friendly. Kindness exists in the word.

As i sit and type this , i am married, have 2 wonderful dogs, Mum and Dad are happy and lie has taken on a new meaning.  I do have bad days like today but this too shall pass.

To me miracles happen everyday. I wake up and i am sure that everything will go well. I keep telling everyone i meet that when i ask God for something he gives it to me, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly but it does happen. Today, i am truly grateful for the things that have happened in my life.