When i was about 10 years old i was introduced to WWE (then it was called WWF). It was brilliant with all those flashy lights, pretty women, tables, ladders, chairs and Coffins. At that time i thought this was real. None of my friends ever knew it was scripted. We followed the show religiously and had long ass discussions about it. Not that any of us wanted to become wrestlers mostly because we didn’t want to get hit by a chair or buried alive. It was fun as well as scary times. As much as the show scared the living crap  us we just couldn’t afford to miss even a single episode.

A few years later as i got older and life took over i slowly stopped watching WWE. The era of Austin and The Rock was slowly ending with the Rock going into the movies and Austin going home. I found out that the show was scripted and that sucked but that didn’t stop me from ever playing the Stone Cold Steve Austin intro music every time i wanted to disturb the neighbors or test if the PA system at a event was working.

My favorite wrestler over the years has always been Undertaker. He was the “MAN”. he walked around with a manager who carried an urn with him. They made viewers believe that the Undertaker’s spirit was in the Urn and every time Paul Bearer ( his manager) opened the urn Undertaker would rise. The Era where the Undertaker feuded with Yokozuna and with Kane was legendary. The guy was a badass. He brought coffins into the arena, rode motorcycles and had a tattoo of his wife on his throat. Over the years he took on top stars and won. He had a unbeaten 21 match record at Wrestle Mania. On one frightful Wrestle Mania he lost to Brock Lestner. The world was shocked. That was the talk of the town for that week. Nobody ever thought he would lose. Nobody could believe it. Some of us cried when we found out while some us wrote to WWE accusing them of being idiots, i wont tell you which i was.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was having a chat with a  friend who asked me if i had found out about Undertaker. He asked me to go home and watch the video. Didn’t tell me anything else. I just did that. It was sad. Really sad. Undertaker lost his final match at Wrestle Mania. The was not the only surprise. He removed the coat and gloves and left them in the middle of the ring and walked into the darkness. He retired. Fuck as i write this i’m shocked. How could he. Why would he. The legend has retired. He din’t announce it, nobody said a word , nothing. I spent last night watching his old videos. I came late to work today as i was watching highlights from his older matches.

taker 1

This is truly an end of an Era. We grew up watching Taker kicking ass, burying people, riding motorcycles and pretty much being a bad ass. Lots of us atleast my generation learnt how to ride after watching him ride a motorcycle to enter the ring. There will be a void for a long long time. I have no idea who would take his spot but one thing is sure that his legacy will love on forever.

Here’s to you Undertaker. Thank you for those wonderful memories.Thank you for teaching me how to dot he choke slam. I promise to choke slam my dogs and my wife in your honor as often as possible. I would love to see one more match. One more buried alive with HHH, Rock and Austin would be Epic.


choke slam