About 15 years ago i decided to move out of home. In Bangalore you would need to come up with a  huge amount of money to pay as security deposit when you move into a new house. Since i was going to live alone i had to find a way to come up with the money. This was when i was about 18 years old and had a job that paid a little but not enough to make the security deposit. The idea of moving out of home was to have parties and get some pretty girls to come home. I mean at 18 to say you have your own place has swag value just like saying i have a study these days. Anyways in order to get the security deposit i went to the bank and borrowed money. The irony is that in just one day the money was deposited into the bank though the sad part was mum picked up the phone when the bank called and found out about the loan. So then began a process of convincing the bank to take the money back. My folks managed to convince the bank to do so and even went ahead and paid a little extra so that that could be sorted. Having said that apparently paying back money ahead of time is not really a  good thing as my credit score took a hit. After this drama i stayed back at home for a few years. Obviously the first couple of months after this incident wasn’t really fun times at home. I realize that mum’s everywhere are the same. Having said that I still got yelled at for not eating.

A few years passed since that and i started working in Whitefield. I had to work 6 days a week and it used to be a piss off to travel everyday from home to office. What was worse was that the work time seemed shorter and travel time longer. I decided to either find a different job close to home or shift home. Spoke to mum about moving out and this time she insisted I stay. Apparently moving out of home before you got married isn’t acceptable. Tried to argue with her but obviously that didn’t work. Tried to chat with Dad and he didn’t want to interfere. Hs’s a wise man. Anyways after a couple of months i was bored of working there and quit work. Thankfully i didn’t move.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago. I finally decided that it was time to move. My folks own another house close by and it was vacant. They had just done it up and kept it ready in case i wanted to get married and move in there. Since i wasn’t getting married anytime soon i thought i could move in there alone. Finally mum agreed. I packed up my bags and just as i was coming out of my room, she went back on what she said. That small thing turned really bad. We got into a huge argument. Ofcourse an argument does not mean i could move out so i continued to stay. A few weeks later a friend had a room available at his house, one of his room mates had moved out. I moved in there. I think my Mum was willing to let go. Someone told me about kids in other countries move out of home when they are 18. In India that isn’t the rule, ever.

After i moved in I ensured that i came home every weekend for lunch. Also since i worked next to Mum’s house i would pick up lunch form there. Imagine not living at home but still Mum packing a lunch box. Its the best of both worlds. One of the reasons why I moved out of home was so that i could stay out as late as i wanted without disturbing anyone. Turns out in the last 2 years i have come home after 2 am only about 4 times. Also the worse part was that i had to wash my clothes and Iron them which i had never done. A year later I moved in with my girlfriend and we got a puppy. Actually we got 2 puppies. I went back and stayed at home for a couple of days when the girlfriend’s parent came to town. It was like summer holidays. I got woken up with coffee and my clothes got washed. I didn’t have to do any of that. Inspite of this i think the decision to move out was perfect. Lots of wonderful things came out of it.

When i moved i barely had any gear. I had 2 cycles and a motorcycle that i loaded up with some gear. As i moved to the next place another bicycle was added along with some furniture. Today to move , the wife and I have to hire 2 trucks. Seems like I am on a collection spree. I think it happens when you get married and grow up. The experience of living alone is amazing. I loved every bit of it.