The last few months of having Pip and Trouble at home together has taught me a lot of stuff. Some of it I could put to use and some of them are observations which I find it really hard to put in practice.

  1. Unconditional Love: No matter what time of the day or night I come back home, I am greeted by them at the door. If they don’t hear me at the door and I manage to sneak in they somehow find out even before I can remove my footwear. They come running up and one of them jumps on me. This happens even if I leave the house for a few minutes. Every time they see me it’s the same reaction. Sometimes they would have gotten pasted with the slipper and I would have locked them up in the other room while I clean the house but the moment the door is open they come charging in to find me and to show me some love.
  2. The Send off: Everytime I leave to go outside, Pip is visibly troubled. Trouble on the other hand hasn’t realized that I am going out but the moment the door is closed he starts to scratch on the door. He thinks I have gone to another room and I am not letting him in. He starts whining till he figures out that I have gone to work. The next thing that they do is run out to the balcony to peep out onto the street to see me off. Usually when I take the bullet out they are able to hear me go by and come to see whats happening.q1
  3. The bed: At night when me and the wife are going to sleep, the rascals climb onto the bed and find space for themselves. Pip sleeps at the foot of the bed while Trouble cuddles up with the wife. They both may fight with each other but the always land up in the space that they have decided that belongs to them. When I wake up in the middle of the night and come back to bed they adjust. Pip somehow finds a way to snuggle in.
  4. Water and bottles : Pip is terrified of the water bottle. As a child everytime I open the water bottle some portion of the water landed either on him or on the wife. He’s learnt that everytime I drink water to stay away as he may get sprayed. That lesson has been hard coded. Today when he misbehaves or they are troublesome Cathy takes out the spray can and they scram.q3
  5. Mobile Phones: The moment I pick up the phone while playing with Pip he pushes the phone away. He jumps on me and somehow manages to distract me. He stays at it till I put the phone away and give him undivided attention.
  6. Underneath the Bed : Trouble hates to be cuddled at-least during the day. The moment he thinks that either I or the wife is trying to catch him he runs and hides under the bed. He takes toys, food and everything else he can find under the bed to play with it. If you try and pull him out he bites. I think he doesn’t realize that it hurts or he does it fully knowing. I haven’t figured that part out yet.
  7. Stranger Dogs : When we take them for a walk on the street or in the small piece of forest near home, Trouble tries and bullies every dog in sight. The dog maybe 5 times bigger than him but he wants to go at it. Pip on the other hand wants to make friends with everyone. When someone else walks by Pip will try and jump on them while Trouble will let them be. Inspite of them growing up together they are very different.q2
  8. Belly rubs: they may have gotten slippering a moment ago but sometimes they land up on the bed, floor etc showcasing their belly. That means its time for a belly rub. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night it is a belly rub Is always welcome. They sometime insist on it. Keeps them happy.
  9. Legs: While I sleep at night and I accidentally keep my leg on Pip he growls. He doesn’t bite a lot but he hates it. He never allows me to keep my leg on him. If I put my head on his back, he doesn’t care about it. The sheer act of even moving my legs next to him pisses him off. I have no idea why but he just doesn’t like it.
  10. Food : They are brats. They don’t touch their food for hours if there isn’t any meat in the food. They are picky and choosy. They wont eat something if they don’t like it. The actually pick and choose what to eat. Even when I feed them sometimes they eat a certain vegetable and sometimes they just wont eat it. Most often they have to be really hungry to eat something else they don’t bother to even look at the food bowl.