Everytime is used to drink or smoke some weed i had to ensure I stayed away from my mother talking to me. It was not only because she would smell the booze but also would notice the red eyes. For some reason my eyes would be blood shot red and the moment I walked into the house and she sees me she would know. From then on for the next couple of hours either their would be a fight or she would yell and scream. This used to be a pattern.

One day I came back from a party at about 4 am and since i could not find my keys I had to wake my mum up. The moment she opened the door and looked at me she knew. She sat me down for a lecture about what happens when I drink and smoke. Her favourite phraseIi think was “look at your eyes, its mostly red and the other times its yellow, keep doing this and you will get jaundice”. In order to stop her from troubling me i started to use clearine. Everyone who smokes and goes back home knows about it. A coupe of drops and your eyes are white. It doesn’t matter how drunk or stoned you are, this miracle eye drop helps. Having said that i managed to get away for a couple of months till she found the damm Clearine bottle. She googled it and found out why it was used. I tried telling her that I had an allergy but that dint work. Now she knew why my eyes were always red.

Anyways i stopped drinking and smoking. I made sure mum knew but i dont think she believed me. Its a force of habit i think for her to check and she used to check everytime I came back home at night. Sometimes if I had a long day at work or school and my eyes were red she would start off. I think the lectures kinda died down when she realized I actually had stopped. Maybe it also stopped because she dint want to think about it anymore.

Anyways a few years had passed and all of this forgotten. One day I came back home after a particularly long day at work, it was 3 am and I had not called them during the day. The moment I came in and my mum saw me, the first thing she noticed was my eyes. This time rather than asking me if I had a drink, she asked me about my day. I am sure she noticed the eyes because she checked a couple of times. Its interesting to see how that change happened. I mean  in a couple of years she forgot about drinking and started to focus on if i needed a job change.  A few days later I stayed at my girlfriend’s place and had told mum that I am working late. The moment I got home at 7 am in the morning, she asked me about why do I look so tired and should really find another place to work. Good times.

I have realized with mother’s all over the world, the scene is simple . As long as they know what you are doing they are ok. If they notice something amiss, it doesn’t matter what time of the day or night it is, they will let you have a piece of their mind. Having said that sometimes it takes a little time to get trust back. Everytime I watch supernatural the demons either have red or yellow eyes. Maybe thats how I looked and thats what attracted attention.

As i write this, its 2 am. I just checked the mirror to see if my eyes are red and they are blood shot red. Thankfully the wife is asleep and wont ask me why  am I writing this at this time. I think I am writing this now at this time because its nostalgia. I just remembered the 2 am conversations about alcohol and how to drink .