On the occasion of Mother’s day i thought i should write a small little note on the things I have put my mother through and the stuff she did for me. We used to live near school for a long time and then moved about 15 kms from school. Mum stayed at the current job and ensured she wasn’t transferred till i finished school.  This was a daily affair to get me to school at 8:40 am in the morning. The traffic used to be horrendous but somehow she managed to do it day in and day out without missing a day. If she took the day off then she knew i would take the day off too. In the evening i would show up at her office and we would come back home together. I think those were the best times. When i was younger i would go to my grandmum’s house and mum would pick me up after work. My Mum and Grandmum are so similar so there was friction. Both of them ensured that it did not effect me.

Since i sucked at college we had a bunch of PTA meetings. To each of them mum showed up. The standard line that the teachers had was “he doesn’t come to class, doesn’t submit assignment etc.” . She had my back. We had this game plan where she would scold me enough in front of the teacher and then the teacher would feel a little pity and let me go. Thats how it went.

In B- school i had skipped one particular lecture series and the director insisted on meeting my parents. I was 26 and i thought it was ridiculous. Tried explaining that to the director but he insisted on meeting the folks. As usual got mum to come and meet him. His first thing was “do you know your son smokes” and she responds with ” ofcourse i do and its alright”.  The conversation quickly ended as there wasn’t anything more that he could say. Just happened to realize that the director was an A**hole but sometimes you go find people like that. Anyways few months later i had shortage of attendance by one hour and was told that I could not write my exams. Again mum came to college to help figure it out. That was painful. I realize for someone who heads a bank for South India to talk to someone and ask for a favor is hard. Imagine  in-spite of all that power someone says no. Doesn’t happen often. Anyways that didn’t go well but such is life.

I found a job and got married. Inspite of being married I get my lunch from home. Mum ensures that i have lunch from home. She wakes up early makes food for Dad and me and then goes to work. In the past she used to work in Mysore. Each morning she used to cook for us before going to catch the train and at night she would come back and cook for us. Interestingly she quit her job when she got transferred to Hyderabad  so that she could move back to Bangalore to  take care of me and Dad. Tough choices mothers have to make.

DSC_5544I have caused a lot of havoc in the past and my mum has always bailed me out. Went shopping with her yesterday. Yes she bought me some clothes. Apparently mine are in tatters. Its brilliant to have mum who does anything for you. I told her i may study a phd and that came as a surprise to her. Since i am broke mum said she will help with the fee. Its good times.

The icing on the cake was when i told her about Cathy she didn’t scream and shout. Turns out she was ok with the fact that she practiced another religion. I guess y mother would do anything for me. A friend once told me if you do get lost in the mountains don’t worry your mother would send in the army to find you. These are the things i am grateful for.

To mum if you are reading this happy mothers day.