A couple of years ago i used to volunteer with an organisation that helped people who had a problem with alcohol. We used to travel across the state to meet with people and organise sessions with them. Me and my trusted motorcycle have crisscrossed the state going to help out at these sessions. Small towns which i would have never visited have been on my list. We have lived in ashrams which surprisingly was run by the church, tents, hotels and what not. Those were days when going to work wasn’t a priority.

Anyways one of the things that these guys did was go to the prison and talk to the inmates. I went with them a few times. When we think of prison we think of a huge rooms that inmates sleep in and a courtyard for them to use during times they are let out. This was different. When we visited the prison we were allowed to go to the hospital and the other time to the one part of the prison block. Usually each week we went to a new prison block. On one of those occasions I spotted an old friend who was in for using cocaine. We had a quick chat and what he told me was interesting. The lifestyle inside the prison is not governed by what the government has setup for you but by how much money you have. So if you have enough money you could get anything. He even told me about how mobile phones including the boxes were smuggled inside the prison and sold. This was a little hard to believe. Anyways wished him well and left.

The next week when i went back i met a new guy who was serving time for hitting someone on the head with a huge boulder. We talked for a while and after sometime he took down my number. He didn’t note it down but pulled out this fancy phone and made a note. Here I was with my basic nokia phone while this chap pulls out a fancy device and the icing on the cake is when i walked in the gates I was asked to leave my phone in the Cloak room. I asked him about the phone and turns out he got it in the morning. Apparently the one he broke the one he had earlier in a fit of rage. The currency ran out while he was talking to his girlfriend and he was pissed. Rather than asking his friends to recharge his phone he broke it. Anyways we chatted for a bit and I left. Later in the afternoon i get a call from an Unknown number. It was him. He called to say hello and asked me to save his number. We spoke for a bit after which he had to go since the warden was on rounds. He stayed in touch for a couple of weeks after which he went off the radar. i haven’t seen or heard from him hence.

I think the lesson here is if you want something you can always get it no matter where you are. Also its scary to know that even the prison system is not able to stop these guys from operating from right inside.