There has been an age old debate about Nature vs Nurture. Obviously this blog isn’t going to solve the debate neither will it help with understanding the difference between the two. This is about the 2 puppies we have at home. Both of them are equally loved and cared for. We got them about a year apart. Since they both behave stupidly sometimes they get slippered equally. I do try and give them the same amount of love so that one doesn’t feel left out. Anyways lets start writing about this.

We found Pip when he was a month old by himself at the corner of the street in the middle of the night. At that time my girlfriend decided to take him home and put him up for adoption. He wasn’t put up for adoption since she wanted to keep him. I think that was the best decision ever bar none.

A few months later as we were walking trouble around the block a puppy came running to greet him. He followed us home. He seemed to be about 5 months old. I promised to put him up for adoption but couldn’t bring myself to do that. They seemed so happy together. It was almost a sin to separate them.

After about a year there seem to be a few differences. Pip (the elder one) will not let anyone put their leg on him. At night when i go to sleep and touch his back with my leg even by accident he would growl at it and move out of the way. He would growl at me and sometimes even bite. Thankfully he hasn’t learnt to bite fully so it never left a mark. If i put my head on him he doesn’t care. He sleeps on my leg but doesn’t let me put it over him. I haven’t figured out why that happens but it does happen. Trouble on the other hand doesn’t mind at all. I can put my leg over him and he doesn’t care. He doesn’t bother to look up to see whose leg it is. At night is crawls up and snuggles with the wife. He almost wants to be spooned. When she isn’t at home he tries to spoon me.

During the day when i catch Pip by his tail or try and choke slam him, he doesn’t run away. usually he will come to me in order to play. He believes it play time. When i corner Pip he knows its time to play. Trouble on the other hand has to be held. When I try and catch him he growls at me and tries and bites. Sometimes he is successful. He ensures  to bite a few times. Most times he gives me a warning before he bites. I try and get out of the way but sometime is a little too late. When i choke slam Pip, Trouble comes running to participate in it. He likes to bite Pip’s tail or foot while he is getting choked slammed. Pip tries to bite back but usually isn’t able to do so.

While we take them for a walk Pip is usually excited to met other dogs and make friends but Trouble on the other hand feels the need to threaten them. He growls at dogs about 3 times his size and wants to be let at them so that he can bite them. When i try to hold him or twist his ear he tries to bite me. At home there is a dog that lives across the street. Since we live on the 5th floor trouble is able to see him. Everytime he sees the puppy across the road he growls and barks till i kick them out of the balcony and close the door. In the meantime Pip just watches, he doesn’t bark or growl. He just wants to look out at the horizon.

Sometimes Pip and Trouble fight. It usually involves food or the bed. When its feeding time and there is chicken served Trouble tries and stops Pip from eating form his bowl. He growls at him. This is when both the bowls are full. I think he feels that both the bowls are his an Pip is stealing. During bed time and Trouble growls at Pip if he climbs into bed after him. I think Trouble is protecting the bed from Pip. No idea why he does that.

What really fascinates me is that even though they have been brought up together and they are like brothers they are so different from each other. Pip was one month old when we got him while Trouble was five months old. I guess Trouble had to work harder in order to survive. He had to hide from the bigger dogs and find enough food to eat. Someone did feed him and put a collar on him but he seemed to have been brought up living on the street. He has had to fight to get his share. He shows that at hime when he doesn’t get his way. A few days ago in the middle of the night i was slowly pushed of the bed. I woke to find my self on the edge of the bed with no place, as i tried to push Pip away i got growled at, I tired pushing Trouble to the side but he growled too. Looks like they have claimed the bed.

Someone once told me that it was an experience watching a seed grow to a sapling and then to a tree. i guess it is a wonderful experience watching these two grow up and form personalities and relationships on their own. To be able to see this is a big deal for the wife and me. The only thing that comes to mind is gratitude. I guess it doesn’t matter if its Nature or Nurture. All that matters is that they are nice to each other and they give us unconditonal love like they have done in the past.