Everyone knows that India Runs on Chai. Since i a thorough-bred Indian i love my chai as much as the the next guy or maybe a little more. I drink about 10 cups of tea a day. Since i am a tamilian i drink a few cups of coffee too. Thankfully all them without sugar. The one thing i hate the most is having to wake up and make a cup of tea. By the Grace of God i have a wonderful wife who makes me a cup of tea each morning (atleast most mornings). She ensures that i have a cup of tea, irrespective of whether we have had a fight or if I have managed to skip cleaning the house. I always wondered where this all started. I mean since I do like tea so much I should be able to make my own. Its simpler because we have an induction stove which heats water faster than the burner.

I lived with my folks for about 29 years of my life. From the time i turned 15 my mother every morning would wake me up with a cup of coffee. It was a routine. The only time she didn’t make me a cup of coffee was when she was out of town. During that time my dad would make me a cup of tea. He would give me only half a cup of tea. It wasn’t because i was only 15 but because he was taught that a half a cup of tea wont spill. Anyways since the morning coffee was taken care off, i only made a cup of tea whenever i wanted through the day. Sometimes when I got lazy i went to the chai shop to drink some tea.

I moved out of home and with a couple of friends. The first night was great. A friend me a cup of chai before i went to bed. I settled down and went to sleep. When i woke up in the morning the first thing i noticed was there wasn’t a cup of coffee waiting for me. So it was the first time when i went into the kitchen and made a cup of tea for myself. About 30 mins later my friend woke up and offered to make breakfast. Well another cup of tea helped dealing with the fact that mum wasn’t there to make me a cup of coffee. Anyways life went on. I started to go out with Cathy. Again i stayed over at her place a few times and this time she made me a cup of tea. I guess this helped me realize amongst other things that she was a keeper.

We got married and figured a system where my wife would make me a cup of tea in the morning and after that I would make the next cup of tea. Sometimes I refused to make the second cup of tea and would convince her to make some. Thankfully at work the tea was made and kept in a flask. It made it simpler for people. All we had to do was pour ourselves a cup of tea.

When i travel on vacation or on work i have figured a system where i would get a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. When I do some bicycle touring i carry a burner with me that helps me make chai wherever i stop. It does take about 10 mins to heat water but at-least i can have a cup of chai in the middle of nowhere when i stop for the day. Each morning when i wake up, i put on the burner and start to pack up my tent. By the time i am done with packing my bag and the tent, chai is usually ready. Slowly i am learning that sometimes I do have to make chai on my own.

My staple diet when my wife was in Cambodia was chai in the morning followed by oranges for breakfast. I slowly have learnt that even though i hate making chai, I still have to make it. There should be a delivery service that shows up at 7 am everyday with a hot cup of coffee and at 8 am with a cup of chai. Maybe thats something I should start. I have no idea if the market needs that kind of a service but will do my research and find out. Its 2:30 am in the morning and we are visiting my inlaws.. I just asked my wife to make the chai. Apparently she has called dibs on not doing something. Yes thats how we settle dispute at home. Since its late i cant ask mum in law to make some and will have to make it myself.

I am off to make chai but i know when i wake up mum in law will have a cup of chai or coffee ready. These are the perks of visiting the inlaws.