Before we got married my wife (then girlfriend) would talk to me about how her mum would make cakes that has various designs like a spiderman or superman etc, she would talk about her sister who could draw and paint really well. My wife on the other had understood what nouns and adjectives were so I thought maybe writing was  her skill set. She is damm good at that. She does check my blogs for spelling and grammer once in a while.

After the wedding I landed up at her house and while staying there for a couple of days her mum points to one of her the paintings on the wall and tells me that my wife did that when she was in school. I didn’t really look at it in details as I was trying to go out for a smoke. This time around when I was visiting I started to pay attention to the painting, sketches on the walls. Turns out my wife has some mad skill. There were about 2 paintings on the wall plus a bunch of weird sketches of Geisha’s. Anyways I asked her about it and she simply says “ yup those are mine, did that when I was younger, I think I told you about it”. Anyways No she did not. We come back to town and for the last year or so we have lots of canvas and paints lying around the house. She wanted to paint again and I managed to get a board for her to put the canvas on it. In a week or so she came up with something amazing. As I write this I realize that the rascal hadn’t mentioned any of this. Every time she was doing nothing she would sit in front of the laptop watching something silly. This opened up so much of her personality. Troed to prod her to tell me about this and the only thing I could get from her is “I am not very good”. According to me its brilliant work, her friend thinks so too but she doesn’t.

Her family is full of people who can paint, draw, stitch and bake brilliant stuff and yet nobody has monetized that. My next year’s goal includes to find a way to monetize some of this. I realise a lot of this has to do with confidence. After looking at some of the work at Bienelle I think this is way better. I am hoping that while I submit my mock modern art entry to Bienelle she would submit something too. The possibility of that is low but at least not zero.

Some people can create excellent works of art, bake brilliant looking cakes and some people can sell those. I guess each has a set talent that we get and sometimes we find a way to monetize it. The good news is that now I have something which I think can be a viable business if we plan to leave the city and go out to  a smaller place. Maybe the idea of opening a café is not a bad one. Atleast the café would have nice artwork and excellent food. I think my contribution would be to do the dishes. Lets see how that goes.

Thankfully the stuff that i have discovered about her isn’t like a deal breaker. If this is the only thing she is keeping from me i am one lucky man.