The wife and I wanted to go on a holiday and decided that Russia seemed to be the right fit. While she did her research, I had heard about the Tsar and the brilliant train journey across Siberia. As usual since wqe cant just book tickets and leave we had to figure out how to get a Visa and find the cheapest way to Russia.  Thanks to Coupoun codes and Sky scanner we found the cheapeast ticket to Russia via Thailand. Thankfully Thailand is Visa on arrival for Indians (one of the very few places that are: Europe you can also do this) .Since Cathy has been to Thailand we figured we could geta  cheap place to stay and walk around.

We arrived in Thailand and had to wait for an hour and a half to get our passport stamped. Thats not bad at all since there were about 100 people waiting. Once that was done we quickly exited the airport to the bus stand. Since Cathy had figured out how to get to the hotel using public transport we found our way close to the metro and onward to the street near the hotel. A quick 2 km walk and we are at the hotel. The moment we had reached the street near the hotel i wanted a cup of tea. Turns out that unlike India, Thailand does not have small chai shops everywhere. If you need chai it would be at a store and you pay lots more for it. Most places dont bother to turn on the coffee maker since its so hot. Thailand even though is as hot as India is different in many ways. Our humble Jackfruit turns to a diffrent form and is called Durian. Its tastes a little different but still is as sticky as the jackfruit. The street food is intresting with everything that has meat is cheaper than stuff that has vegetables. Fried chicken is the all time favorite.

Met a bunch of people there who were locals and they were super helpful. Its not uncommon that someone whould stop by and ask you if you need help. Most often they would be able to help. Public transport is phenomenal. During our time in Bangkok we didn’t take a single cab. usually we walked everywehere we needed to go or took the ferry that for a fixed price dropped you anywhere on the river. The MTR (the one that runs underground) and the Sky bus (the one that runs in the sky) connects you to any place you want to go to. The place has been fantastic, people are amazing, I wonder how the villages will be. Maybe i will find out on my bicycle ride through Thailand, hopefully soon.

The only thing that is misisng is the corner chai shops, I could get Cathy to chat with her people to setup the corner chai shops like they did in Bangalore.