I am always looking forward to the next long ride. A few years ago as i was coming back from Leh, my uncle told me about a ride he had heard. 6800 km across the US with no finish time. This meant take as long as you want finish. From the moment I have heard about this ride I have been quite obsessed to do it. As someone who likes touring this is a perfect combination of racing and touring. Heard about someone in town who did this in about 30 days and another cyclist trying to do it sooner.

It took 4 years and finally i got myself registered. I had registered the previous year but hadn’t followed through. This time around I paid the fees, applied for the Visa and bought tickets. Also managed to get mum and dad to help fund this ride.

The big change form the last few years and this year is I am married and we have 2 dogs. Which means getting 2 months away from home is almost impossible. The last time the wife went out of town for more than a week i was bored. I wanted to ask her to come back home. When i told her about this ride she agreed to let me go. No bargaining no nothing. Seems like a dream. The things i have heard form people who go back home early since they are married and who don’t take vacations alone seems false. Slowly slowly things are falling into place.

Did a quick expense calculation and realized that i wont be able to afford this ride if I don’t live cheaply. Sadly buying a tent, sleeping bag etc in India is very expensive. This led me to discover ebay.com. bought a few things on ebay and hopefully it will get delivered quickly and work well. Wrote to a few people on warm showers and a place to stay for the first few days is sorted. They say when you really want something the whole world will conspire to give it to you. Managed to even get 2 months of at work. No idea why they even agreed.

As I write this i realize that I am terrified. I have heard of horror stories from friends about riding in the US but hasn’t stopped me. As time has gone by a bunch of things are solving itself. A racer from the event has sent me a book on where to stay during the race, another has offered to ship me a spot tracker for dirt cheap and a couple of friends have offered to help with gear or atleast let me borrow what i need. This should be a fun ride. 7000 km alone in a new country is a good thing to do.