somewhere in RajastanI have always been fascinated by Indore. I think it comes from the time when friends in B-school would bring back food from home. The sev was absolutely brilliant. I have always wanted to visit and for some reason haven’t been able to do so. The last time i passed by was when i was on my way to Leh and rode by Bhopal than Indore. Since i was training for the trans am i figured why not and make a trip of it.

Work takes me to different parts of the country. Sometimes for shorts periods and sometimes for longer. This time around since i was going to delhi for  a couple of days and then to Pune i thought i just would rde between the 2 cities. I would have 4 days to get from Delhi to Pune which s about 1400 km. Seemed possible. Anyways with the new (borrowed) Aero bars from a friend and the hub dynamo setup i packed up the bike. The best airlne to fly with when you have large bags is Air India. Everyone complains about delay’s etc. but i have never had a problem. I havent even paid for a bicycle or additonal luggage since the guys at the counter will let you go even if you are over 2 kgs.

Started by ride from Gurugram since and the first hour was hell. Buses, Taxi’s, Cows everythign seemed to have the right of way except for the bicycle. A couple of close call and lots of yelling i managed to get to the nicer part of the highway. Managed to reach the outskirts of Jaipur and needed to take a break and catch a nap. I had not taken a sleeping bag or tent this time around since i did not expect to sleep and did not expect rains or the cold. Thanks to GST i found these sales tax  checkposts abandoned and that was home for the night. Inspite of having a door and sleeping right at the corner it was surprisingly cold.

planeGot up at 5 am and started. Found the nearest Chai shop and took an hour’s break. back on the road and while riding through the mid day sun i came across this dabba which had a bunch of planes just sitting outside it. I had to take a pic jus tto make sure i wasnt hallucinating. Just as i was getting closer to Ajmer I started to notice lots of people walking. Large groups of people walk from different parts of India towards Ajmer to visit the Mosque. This is the same mosque that people believe that if you want to have a kid you should visit and tie a pice of thread. As i reached closer to Ajmer i found another route that bypassed the city and went headed towards Indore. This time around i found this dabba/ Chai shop in the middle of nowhere. a couple of chai’s and a quick nice conversation and he setup a place for me to sleep. This time around there wasn’t any walls just a roof. At night it was super cold. Thanks to the survival blanket (giant plastic bag) was able to get through the night. The only problem with the survival blanket is that it isnt breathable. Water will condense inside since the temperature inside and outside is vastly different. The trick here is that you have to keep reversing the banket every few hours.

Woke up at 4:30 am and had about 3 more chai’s before i could hit the road. This time around i deicded i would get as close to Indore as possible before i would rest for the night. Mid afternon is super hot and had to take a break. At the same time boss called asking for a presentation that had to get created by EOD. Had tos top for a couple of hours and create a presentation on a samsung tab since i did not take my Laptop. Spent time from about 12 noon to 4 pm just doing that. Finally started riding again at 4 pm. Rode till about 1 am before i could find a place to take a break. My longest and hardest ride. Stopped at this schoool and tried to find an open classroom. Since nothing was open, the corridor was home for the night.

haircutThe morning was damp and foggy. Had to leave a little later than usual just so that i could see the road and others could see me. By mid morning i was about 100 kms closer to Indore. Stopped at this dabba for lunch. With all the dirt, grime and my white tshrt turning black sat down to eat. The guy at the Dabba dint want to serve me. Gave me the pricing of dal like 6 times. When you are super hungry being polite isnt something that comes normally. Asked him if he would like me to pre pay for a meal. Finally got lunch and some chai. Lunch break is atleast for an hour. One small nap and a chai, I was on my way. The next 80 kms was brilliant. Non stop riding inspite of my ass asking for a break and my lungs asking for a smoke.

things i seeReached Indore at about 8 pm and rode to Sam’s house. The rascal dint tell me that he had to work at night. Met me for a few mins before he went to work and i was at home with his mum and dad. After a few hard days on the road a typical south indian meal is brilliant. His mum killed it. Amazing food. Nothing exciting after that except a super nice chat with this Dad.  Finally had an actual mattress and a pillow.

The next moring managed to meet Mayur and then Sam helped going to to the bike shop to get a box. Bike was packed up and found an auto guy who would take me to the airport. Had a flight to Pune. Jet airways as usual overcharged for the bike. It just looks like airlines dont like cyclists. Indigo and GO air charge a Green fee for taking a bike with you but thats like 1000. Jet o the other hand charges you for the bike + additioanl weight + anythng else they can think off. The rule isnt really followed each counter is different. I think except for having to argue with the airline staff on why they should charge me lower overall was a wonderful trip.

Landed in bangalore after a day of doing some work in Pune. As usual the moment i got home the 3 idiots attacked. Pip as usual gave me a bath with his tongue, Trouble came and said hello before walking away and Noire  (the little baby) kept trying to bite my ear to show me some affection. A good day to come back home.

Overall all the gear i had worked included the dyanmo. Looks like i would need new tyres when i reach the US. Overall the bike and me seem ready for the trans am.