WhatsApp Image 2018-05-24 at 00.12.23Just before each ride/ vacation i usually have a ton of things to do. Inspite of knowing that I will have to leave for the transam bike race 4 months earlier i hadn’t done enough to be ready in time. There last week at work was chaotic with the week ending with a large event. Thankfully managed to wrap up everything at work on Tuesday. Had to get everything sorted in less than a day. Finally started tick of tasks that were pending. Started with the temple. Mum insisted i went and since I could not see any harm from it managed to get that done. Next stop emergency medication for the ride. Cathy volunteered to handle that so that was out of the way. The most imporant thing was getting the bike setup and bags loaded. I wanted to do a quick rode around the town just to see how the bike acts. Started packing on Tuesday evening. This time Around i had a list of things i needed to take with me. Put so.e stuff together and then got distracted . For anyone planning a ride or just some travel remember if you have a puppy at home account to spend 10x more time packing than you thought you would.

Decided to finish packing the next day. To me in my head i always had lots of time. Trying to break the race up as just a tour. Wednesday morning and 12 hours before i had to leave to the airport. After a game of catan i started to pack my bags. Cathy spent the full day just supervising me packing. I think she dint want me to get distracted. Managed to load up all the gear . It took about 4 hours to pack up . Just deciding what to take and what to leave back was super hard. Turns out  that the bike packing bag that i have isn’t very good. Had to switch to panniers which meant i could take my stove for chai. Packed up everything in the small pannier bag and was set and ready. Just as I finished and walked out of the room i realised that I wasn’t even half done. I had to box the bike up and make sure everything weighed less than my allowance limit. Also the t-shirts that Meera had designed hadn’t arrived yet. Went to mum and dad s house to pick my documents so that i could pack those up too.

While all of this was happening a friend called asking if i could help with raising awareness for a campaign they are running. Apparently nowadays you can buy pumpkins as well as puppies online. Quickly agreed to help out. Now he would make some tshirts and have them sent over. Another slight delay but atleast this one is worth it. Boxed up the bike and got a call saying my tshirts with Meera’s design was here. Went to pick it up. Turns out only was was made but to make up for it he had also sent lots of other tshirts. By the time i got home the other set of tshirts were here. Put stuff together and was ready to go. Chilled with Cathy for a bit, played a game of Catan and we were ready. As usual while i chilled in the bathroom trying to finish my blog before i could leave Cathy was in a hurry. Rushed me to finish. She got a cab that would take us to the airport. Mum and Dad got another one. Pretty peaceful ride to the airport. Didn’t say anything stupid for her to yell. That was hard.

At the airport met with my uncle who also had come to meet my Aunt and cousin who was coming back from the US. My dad tried to rush me into going inside and checking in. Finally just about 3 hours before i was ready. Its super hard to make that walk. Not because you are going to someone place for a while but just knowing for the next 2 months you have to keep a watch on everything. The only scare at the airport was me trying to find my passport before i could checkin. At the jet airways counter the guy was pretty nice, didn’t charge me for my bike. i think they don’t charge anything additional  but Jet airways in the past has charged a lot of money on domestic flights. All done and walked to the gate. its nice knowing that the bike will get to the next destination. Hopefully.

A few smokes prepping for the long flight to Amsterdam. The flight was nice. A little extra leg room than the domestic ones. About 11 hours later landed at Amsterdam. Spoke to the lady at the boarding gates to ensure the Bike will get loaded on the next flight. i think apart from the bike everything else i could buy. Maybe not everything else but atleast a few things. Got confirmation that the bike is loaded. Killed some time at the airport before catching my next flight to Seattle. With every flight to America there seems to be additional security checks. Everyone wants to know why i am flying. Thankfully the story this time is good.

Landed in Seattle and picked up the bike. My immigration check was super simple. Had told the guy i brought some spices when asked about food and he dint care. Nice guy. Anyways the bike came in with Zero damage and all seemed well.

More on the next blog.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-24 at 00.12.18If you have gotten to this point its either because you like me or just happened to scrolled to the bottom. While you are here can you sign the petition and help us out. There is a National level initiative to shut down online purchases of Pets. Getting a pet should not be based on impulse but should be a decision that is given atleast a 5 min thought. It would be nice for people to check out the living conditions of the mother Dog/Cat whatever before they decide the pet they want. This will ensure that the breeder has a license and will also ensure the upkeep of the Mother Dog / Cat whatever since you would buy them if they dont.

Sign the petition on : bit.ly/BOPSNOW