1I think i have been super lucky while looking for places to stay at in Seattle. A few months ago i had written to Alan in Seattle asking if they could host me and he had asked me to write back closer to my day of leaving since they maybe sailing that week. So closer to the date of my departure i wrote back and got a quick reply that i could come and stay. Turns out Alan’s wife Peggy loves India and she would love to meet me too. So with that setup got on my longest flight yet. The thing about long flights is that there isnt a smoking zone. I havent been in a room / plane / anything for over 4 hours without a smoke break and this was a long long flight. I had 2 flights of 11 hours each. Would be nice for them to pull up for a pit stop for the smokers. Its a pity they don’t. So i quickly sent a few smokes at the airport and was ready to get on the plane. Really nice plane ride. I passed out pretty quick and woke up just in time to land. That was helpful. Landed at Amsterdam and found the smoking zone and spent some time there. Got on my next flight and landed in Seattle. At the airport you have to go through immigration etc. That was quick and painless. Got that out of the way.

3Alan was nice enough to offer to pick me up at the Airport. my initial plan was that the moment i get of the plane i would setup my bike at the airport and ride to his place but this was way nicer. Its nice to have someone pick you up at the airport in a strange city. Anyways the moment i exited the train that takes you to the main terminal the airport internet stopped working. So much for free internet but at least it worked earlier so i could tell Alan that i had landed. Came out and the first thing i did was light up a  cigarette. Now to solve the next problem on how to get in touch with Alan. Asked this young lady at the airport if i could borrow her phone to make a call and she refused. That was a first. I would think that people would give me there phone to call. Looking back it seems like i would also do the same too or at least I  would just call first and talk to the person before handing my phone to a stranger. Turned on my Airtel connection which costs me an arm and a leg for a few mins of data and texted Alan. A few mins later he picked me up. His car was brilliant, the bike bag went right in . Dint have to fold any seats or anything. Drove passed the town and caught a  glimpse of Puget sound bay.  Fantastic views all around. Anyways got to Alan’s house which was in the heart of the city. The first thing we did was put the bike inside and went out for a nice walk. I have always wanted to see the space needle and that’s the first thing i was. According to Peggy the view of the Needle from the place i was at is called the Fraser View after the TV show.  Happened to meet Peggy on the walk back and walked back home with her.

2I seem to still have tons of energy left. Did a quick bike ride on Alan’s other bike around the shopping district to find a store to buy a sim card. Turns out 7/11 does not have sim cards but they seem to have all sorts of prepaid cards including Uber. Anyways wandered around for a little bit trying to get used to riding on the right side of the road. When i get of my bike i try to get away from traffic so i jump left. Here i have to jump off on the right. Its a little hard to go against something that has gotten to be instinctive. Anyways back home and Alan cooked up some fabulous dinner. This was like a treat after the airplane food that i ate. Its good to eat out of a plate sometimes.

4After dinner i wanted to setup the bike atleast a little bit just to make sure everything was alright. This was the first long distance flight my bike has been on and everything was perfect. Did a little bit on setting up and called it a day. Seems like i had packed in a lot today. 27 hour plane ride, a long walk around Queen Anne, setting up the bike . I have been less productive the full week than on this day.

Now if you have read this till here let me say thank you. While you are here can you sign the petition and help us out. There is a National level initiative to shut down online purchases of Pets. Getting a pet should not be based on impulse but should be a decision that is given some serious thought.

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