Woke up to the sound of raining hitting the house. Went out to check the weather and it was a heavy downpour. Don and I haven’t had a rest day in a while and maybe this could be it. Prefer to get a rest day in warmer climates but this should also do. We were warm and comfortable and sat down to chill with everyone. Rick was planning to wit for the rain to stop so that they could ride 30 miles to a campsite at the bottom of the pass. They had to get to jackson the next day and since another rider with them was leaving in a couple of days from Dillan. She had a flight booked and could not change it. Alabama Edwin also wanted to start his day. He planned to ride in the rain. He needed to be in Ennis in a couple of days to ride to Bosman to catch a flight back home.  All of us had to buy supplies to last a couple of days since this would be our last stop for the next 2 days.

IMG_20180616_093107.jpgCurtis and his brilliant t-shirt. He had a spare one for me.

Curtis made us breakfast before driving all of us to the grocery store. After buying everything we needed we headed back home. I finally managed to find jelly. Now my food bag weighs as much as the bag racers carry with all their gear. It still was pouring with no sign of slowly down. Decided to wait it out and then decided if we should ride to Wisdom today. Edwin packed up his gear and left. He would meet us at Wisdom if we rode there tonight. He told us about the American Legion Campsite near the town. I needed rain pants and had checked if a store had it. Turns out they don’t stock them in town. Curtis had a pair of Flogs which he was willing to sell to me. Checked it out and bought it from him. Super thin and compact rain gear for 20 dollars, good deal. Finally it slowly started to let up. Don and I talked about riding to Wisdom. Decided we should ride and save time so that we could spend extra time at Yellowstone. I went to pull out the bike from the garage and turns out my stuff was wet. The Garage roof had a leak and water had leaked into all my clothes. Quickly pulled everything out to check what needed to be dry. Everything needed to be dry. Don’s stuff on the other hand was dry. Lucky him. Asked him to leave since I would take some time. I put my clothes in the dryer and waited for an hour for it to finish. Spent time waterproofing by sleeping bag and tent. Repacked my stuff. Left behind a couple of things for the next cyclist who would come along, maybe they needed a extra strap.

IMG_20180616_102535.jpgOn the way to the grocery store

Finally packed up and was ready to go. It looked like it wouldn’t rain anymore. It was cold outside which was manageable. Layered up and started to ride. First stop the town of Sula. Micheal was at a cabin in town. This was his day of rest. LE had gone ahead to wisdom in the morning. Rode to Sula and hoped to get a cup of coffee. The shop was closed so went ahead. Wasn’t able to find Micheal at the cabins since i dint know the name of the hotel. As i climbed the first pass it got really foggy. After a long long climb finally reached the top. Now i was in Idaho for a couple of mins. As i took a turn back in Montana. That was quick. Reached the summit which was super foggy. Now for the hard part. As you climb your body heats up so it doesn’t matter if its cold but going downhill in the cold is hard. IMG_20180616_205108Climbing up the pass

Started going downhill and it got dark. Deer by the side of the street reminded me of a racer who got clipped by a deer in Prineville. Unclipped from my pedals and put by hands on the break. A minute later a deer jumped in front of the bike. That was close. Kept riding and hoping it wouldn’t rain. It had gotten cold, super cold. Finally i saw the light of the town. Turns out that was far away. By the time i reached edge of town it was 11 at night. Happened to pass by a large empty field that had cars parked in. Turned around to check if i could get directions to the campground. Turns out that was the campground. Don and Edwin were sleeping inside the small shed. The campground was amazing they had wifi and a loo. Can’t ask for more in the middle of nowhere. it was warmer inside the shed than outside. Quickly rolled out the sleeping back and quickly got in hoping to warm up quickly. Hopefully it wont get any colder at night.

IMG_20180617_100342The American Legion Centre Campground

A short and good day. Never had a deer jump in front of me and a bunch of deer follow me while i ride. Super grateful to find a warm place for the night and being safe. The town of Wisdom is in a valley with Dillon on the other side which was 80 miles the other side and Darby the closest town 60 miles the other side. SO in the middle of nowhere free wifi. The town doesn’t have cell phone reception since AT&T doesn’t want 200 new customers.

IMG_20180616_194456Late evening suffering

Lesson for the day : While coming down a mountain keep your hands on the brake and not use it to scratch your bum.

Up Next: Day 16, Wisdom to Dillon.