Woke up to a nice warm day. Finally the rain clouds seem to have gone away. Lets hope it stays that way. The food bag which i placed outside a little far away from my tent seem intact. Looks like there are no bears here.Except for the damm bull that kept howling through the night i wasn’t disturbed.  Packed up my bags and headed to Sweet Water Station which was 19 miles away. The only pace i could get coffee before jeffery city. I was hoping a store would be open but then cant trust that it would be in rural America. I have noticed that there are plenty of towns that i have ridden through that don’t even have a simple grocery store. People are perfectly alright driving 45 mins to an hour to get groceries. This is extremely different in India where there will be be at least one store in town. It was a long windy ride to get to Sweet water station. The store that i was counting on was closed. No coffee here. Quick stop outside the Mormon visitor center for breakfast. Sat down on the side of the highway eating a quick meal and fantasizing about a cup of coffee.

IMG_20180623_101414.jpgJeffery City

Got on the bike and headed towards Jeffery city. Now i am a man on a mission. Have to get a cup of coffee. The road was cracked and bumpy. The winds made it hard to ride. Headwinds made the ride harder but finally i could see the town. Calling Jeffery city a  city is a stretch. The town has a population of 50 with a bar and nothing else. A church there lets cyclists stay for the night. Got to the bar for coffee. Got some cell phone reception finally and checked messages. Chatted with a guy at the bar who was the brother law of the bar owner. This town had a bunch of Uranium mines which closed down and people started to leave town. Apparently now they are thinking of opening up the mines but that would take a few years. This guy was super Vocal. He was a hunter and showed off his hand gun and pictures of his kills. There is something about seeing a Byson, bear and deer shot  that is super disturbing but seems to be legal which i wonder how. Quickly packed up and got ready to leave. My next stop before getting to Rawlins would be muddy gap. Just before leaving noticed that Don had just left Jeffery city.

IMG_20180623_165229.jpgConstruction ahead

Rode towards muddy gap. Lots of wind. It was an effort to even go ahead. Slowly headed towards the gas station at Muddy gap. Went in and got a cup of coffee and a snack. Super disgusting corn dog. At the gas station met a tourer who was riding the divide. Crystal was from Columbia, NC and had bumped into Don a few minutes ago. Apparently he was only 10 mins ahead. Chatted with Crystal for a while, she had just sold her bike shop and now was figuring out what to do. Wished her lunch and started riding. The road to the climb to Rawlins for horrible. Construction work and lots of traffic. A few times cars got close by and honked. Trucks whizzed past. It sucked. Hated every bit of it. Started the long long long climb towards the pass when it started raining. As i got higher it got super heavy. Had to keep riding since there wasn’t a place to hide out.  Don in the meantime had reached the town and sent me a message asking me to come to the hardware store. Finally hit the summit and went racing down. Got super cold and still battling heavy rains finally rolled into the town. Went looking for Don outside the Hardware store. The previous day he had cracked his rear rack and had to fix it with zip tags. He was now fixing it up with some clamps for it to stay put. Apparently just before he got into the church the rack slid off the bike. He was lucky it din’t happen somewhere while riding. After Don fixed the bike he was looked around for his bunge  chord that he had strapped on the bike. Turns out he left it inside the store. I had an additional one which i gave him. He wanted to come back in the morning and get his back. The store would open at 9 so it would depend on what time we started.

IMG_20180623_101254.jpgThe Shit road while riding to Rawlins

I wanted to get to a hotel or a Warmshowers place for the night. Wrote to couple of people but no response. We went to the grocery store to get some food. Charged our phones and music player while we ate. Since i was cold and wet and wanted something interesting bought a gallon of chocolate milk since they dint have a smaller one. At the grocery store one of the guys told us about a church in the distance. We decided to go check it out to see if it had a place for us to camp. The other option was a campsite which we had to camp out in the open in the wet. Preferred to be indoors. As we rode towards the church we reached a school building. The school had an overhang which kept the wind away and kept us nice and hidden. Decided to stay there for the night. Put up our tent close to the door and put out our clothes to dry. Hopefully t would be nice and dry tomorrow. The only draw back was they did not have a power outlet outside the school for us to charge our phones. Finally out of the cold and the rain. Hopefully it wont rain again and it would be warm. Lets see.

Finally it the 2500 km mark. Tomorrow we should be in Colorado.

Screenshot_2018-06-23-23-36-17-244_com.android.chrome.pngFinally at the 2500 km mark

Lesson for the day: During the rains its good to have a rear view mirror to get out of the way of the cars speeding down the road

Up next : Day 22, Rawlins to Walden