After a late night woke up early in the morning to the bitter cold. Quickly packed up and headed out towards the town of Dubois. My first stop was the gas station on the route to Dubois. A quick over priced cup of coffee with the lady trying to sell me 3$ muffins and i was off. After a nice long downhill and a flat section got to the town of Dubious. Interesting little town in between the hills. Seems like i have entered Wyoming. Its nice to get into a new state. Feels good. The town of Dubious has a couple of hotels and grocery stores. Pretty much nothing else that i could see. Stopped at the grocery store for resupplies. Spent a lot of money there buy food for later and a little food for now. Even though i hate potato wedges these seem like a go to food. Bought a couple of chocolate bars for later. Don was already on the move, he maybe going towards Lander. Discovered that he had sent me a message last night but since i had no network i just got it. He had stayed at the post office while LE stayed at the hotel. They had split up while climbing the pass.

IMG_20180622_081427.jpgCampground from the morning

Left Dubois to the town of Lander. A couple of resupply points before getting to Lander so at least coffee is sorted. Started to ride and got to this extremely wide basin. Lovely hills on either side, almost looked like the painted hills. A quick coffee stop at the gas station of Crowheart. The town just had this one store and nothing more. No grocery stores or hotels. Chatted with the guy running the store and he says that nobody really stops at this town. Went ahead to the town of Lander and just before town they had an Indian reservation at Fort Washakie. Stopped for a little food and a chocolate milk. Was craving for something sweet and cool and chocolate milk seemed to be the answer. While picking up the food i discovered that they dint have a tax here. Stocked up on tobacco as a just in case . 10 miles to the town of Lander. Quickly rode to Lander and stopped at McDonald’s for ice cream. Got a message from Don saying he was riding to Jefferey city.  Made a quick decision to ride towards Jeffery city. With no real stops in between it would be one tough ride.

IMG_20180622_094737.jpgRain clouds coming towards me

Started my long ride towards Jeffery city. On the way out of Lander LE pinged asking me if I wanted a place to stay at Lander. He had to fix his bike and was staying in town to fix it. I had already started riding out of town and had climbed 2 hills and dint want to turn around. Kept riding and now it started to get dark. I had to ride at least 30 miles to get to Sweet Water Station, the only place to get some coffee. Rode till about 11 at night and could barely even see. Cars coming from the other side had lights on that pretty much blinded me. Finally reached a small little crossing on the road and decided to camp on the side road. I was lucky to find it since most of the land is owned by ranchers and they have put up fences everywhere. The road led into the farm and had a gate. Seemed safe to sleep there. Unfortunately there wasn’t a tap to fill water but at least it was quiet. Quickly put up my tent and ate some chips. Even though i was in a windy part of the valley and it wasn’t very cold. The moment i put my head down to go to sleep there was a strange noise from outside, sounded like an animal in trouble. Looked around and found it. A bull that was in this part of the ranch was making stupid noises. Poor fellow was alone and maybe thats why.  Went back to bed. Hopefully this would be safe. My first real wild camping experience in the US. Its nice not to have anyone around for at least 20 miles.

IMG_20180622_200532.jpgOn the way to Sweet water station

I think today was a good day. Rode about 130 miles and saw some amazing painted hills and got to drink some chocolate milk. Only if i brought along my stove i  could have had a cup of coffee and chilled looking at the stars.

IMG_20180623_071238.jpgCampsite for the night

Lesson for the day : You don’t have pay to camp if you arrive late and leave early

Up next: Day 22, Sweet Water station to Rawlins