Thankfully it din’t rain at night. Perfect weather to wake up. For once it wasn’t super cold. The stuff put up to dry was almost dry. Don wanted to pick up his bungee chord from the hardware store so we hung around and slowly packed up. Rode to the McDonald’s to get coffee. Put our power banks to charge and sat down to have some breakfast. Discovered the onion buns don’t really travel well. Made a coupe of sandwiches and sat outside enjoying the sun. After last evening of getting hit in the rain and getting cold the sun was finally out and bright. Discovered that Aaron who was another racer maybe in town. Sent him a ping asking him to come to McDonald’s, turns out he was already at Walden. He would meet us there. At about 9 in the morning we headed to the hardware store. Don wanted to pick up the bungee chord that he left behind and I wanted to get some chain lube. After a quick stop we headed out towards Saratoga springs.

IMG_20180624_102036.jpgFinally a train

We had to take the main highway to the town of Sinclair. The 11 miles on the highway was horrible. Turns out there was construction happening on the highway. Very hard to ride on a road without any shoulders. At one point an oversized truck was waiting for me to go ahead since he couldn’t pass. Had to get off the road to let him go. Anyways finally got to the town of Sinclair. The town is beautiful even though it has an oil refinery. The company of Sinclair which is there has contributed to the town well being. With no store in sight kept riding to the town of Saratoga springs. Slowly kept riding to town finally no more road construction thankfully. Finally reached the town and went looking for a store to get a cup of coffee. Don had found a store and was waiting outside. IMG_20180624_104609.jpgTown of Sinclair

This would be mostly our last stop before we get to Walden. Quick lunch and coffee and we headed out. Slowly riding towards Walden and it started to get a little colder. After wearing only a t-shirt the full day now I had to layer up. The scenery has changed over the last few days. Seems like a lot of desert land. Just some shrubs growing. At the town of Encampment had a cup of coffee and started to talk to the bartender. Turns out the town of encampment was established during the days when they mined Uranium. Now since its more expensive to mine than sell the mines are shut down. The town has 60 people and a restaurant for tourists.

IMG_20180624_195821.jpgFinally at Colorado

IMG_20180624_204146.jpgWatching the Sunset

It was about 5 in the evening. Since we had committed to ride to the town of Walden. After about 20 miles of encampment reached the border. Finally in Colorado. The rockies are here. As i went on towards Walden it got late. Lunch wasnt good enough to fuel me to Walden. Stopped my the side of the road for a quick meal and a smoke. Another  25 miles to Walden. 15 miles before I hit town I could see it in the distance. Turns out its not a flat road but a few hills in between. Slowly rode into town after a  little bit of climbing. Now had to figure out where to get coffee. Don had found a place to camp so i went to the Bar to see if they had coffee. The bar was setup in 1952 and seems like the only local watering hole. They dint have coffee but made me some nice black tea. Chatted the locals for a while and had 2 cups of tea. They had a rodeo in town which i just missed. Dint have cash to pay but the lady next to me gave me a dollar to pay them.

IMG_20180624_231419.jpgThe Stockhom Bar at Walden

Finally at the campsite. Put up my tent. For a change they had a power outlet and quickly put everything up to charge. It was super cold. 45 degree F. Thankfully we should be over the rockies soon and it would warm up.

IMG_20180624_153534.jpgThe cockpit setup

Lesson for the day: When you see an Oversize truck behind you get the hell out of the way.

Up Next: Day 24, Walden to Kremmling