After a windy night sleeping next to the fire station we woke up earlier than usual. The town did not have a store we had to ride to Ordway to the find a store. As we were leaving town i ran into Kate who was setting up the store and offered to make me a cup of coffee. Don went ahead and I stayed back. After a nice cup of coffee and talking to a couple of customers at the store headed towards Ordway. The road now was nice and flat, looks like the mountains are finally done with. The winds are picking up. Looks like riding with in plains will be super windy. I was counting on the flats to make some time but that seems unlikely.  40 miles and finally rolled into the small town of Ordway. The town had a grocery store for us to get supplies. A couple of things and we sat down at the city park making breakfast. The only thing missing was a cup of coffee.

IMG_20180629_162827.jpgThe Flat road ahead

We started to ride towards Arlington which had no stores but we maybe able to get water there. Out next major stop would be the town of EADS which is the halfway point on the trans am trail. Thanks to Andrew i knew about a signboard that said that and i wanted a pic in front of it. We slowly started out of town and came up to a traffic junction. A couple of gas stations in front of us and we stopped to fill up our bottles and get something to drink. Sat down drinking a coke when a lady walked up to us with some blueberries. She worked in Newton and is used to seeing cyclists on the route. Chatted with her for a bit and finally we were ready to head out.

IMG_20180629_121958.jpgA small little town after Ordway

The town of Arlington was a ghost town. A few houses and nothing else. With no water taps in sight I tried to knock on a couple of doors but nobody answered. Headed towards the town of Haswell hoping to find a store to get a cup of coffee and some water. Unlike the West where it was colder and I drank lesser water here i was going through about a Litre an hour. Reached the town of Haswell and found the only store in town. They were about to close. Quickly bought a burrito and a cup of coffee. Got my bottles filled and got ready to leave. Now with about 30 miles to go to the town of EADS i was stocked up. Riding to EADS was a little painful. The grain elevator showed up at a distance but to get to it took a long long time. Severe headwinds and sometimes a cross wind kept pushing me off the bike onto the on coming traffic. Finally reached the towns of EADS. Don had sent me a message to come to the city park. With winds not on our side we decided to stay at EADS for the night. All the stores in town close at 5:30 pm so couldn’t get a cup of coffee. We decided to stay at the park and sleep on the bench. The library building next to the park had free wifi and i could use that for a while.

IMG_20180629_183313.jpgThe Wheat fields all along the road

Inspected the ground around the park to make sure there were no sprinklers. The grass seemed super green so it was wise to check. Setup our sleeping mat under the table and plugged in our phones at the Library. Sat outside the Library for a while catching up on my notes and sending some pictures home. I had been super lazy the last couple of days and finally got this out of the way. The winds had picked up and we just hoped it wouldn’t rain at night.

IMG_20180630_054808.jpgOur Home for the night

In the middle of the night i was super cold. Woke up and put the ground sheet on myself to sleep but that dint help. Finally at about 2 at night picked up sleeping pad and walked to the library to sleep against the wall. Turns out Don had also done that too. We had left the bikes and everything we owned sitting on the park bench unattended. Hopefully it will be ok. Finally managed to sleep. The Library building kept the wind away from us.Maybe sending away the tent and sleeping bag was a bad idea. I should pull out my jacket and keep it out since the nights are quite cold. Thankfully something made me keep my jacket and not send it to Yorktown. Our first priority tomorrow would be to take a pic at the halfway point mark and hopefully get to Kansas.

IMG_20180629_093720.jpgThe town of Ordway

Lesson for the day:  Sleep in a place that had some sort of a wall or  at least a sun shade.

IMG_20180629_093635.jpgLovely signs on the way

Up Next: Day 29, EADS to Tribune