After a reasonably warm night at the park woke later than usual. Not being able to sleep well the night before took its toll on us. Its interesting that after 31 days on the road my body has started to slowly break down. Now it needs sleep and like 8 hours. Went to the gas station to get coffee and breakfast. We figured that if the winds slow down today we should be able to make some distance. I don’t know where this hope comes from. After breakfast and a long coffee break we got on the road at 10 am.

IMG_20180702_085450.jpgDon taking a pic of the LED signboards

Just as i started riding towards Ness city the winds picked up. This time the headwinds were super strong. Barely could ride at 6 kmph. Turns out today will be another day battling the winds. Brad in the beginning of the race was telling me about making sensible decisions. Sometimes its better to go to sleep than ride at 5 kmph since you are spending so much energy just try to go forward. Decided that going to stop wasn’t an option since we were in the middle of nowhere. Slowly slowly made our way towards Ness city. It was hot as hell. Inspite of drinking water and pouring lots on myself it wasn’t helping. This feels like Rajasthan in the summer. In Rajasthan there are villages every few kms and you can get water but here nothing. Finally after a long long ride and a smoke break reached Ness city.

IMG_20180702_150052.jpgSky scrapper in the plains

Ness city is a small little town with a  few shops and a gas station. The attraction in town is called the sky scrapper in the plains. Its a 4 story building and one of it has a bank that has been in existence for a century or so. Sitting at the gas station having a cup of coffee we met another tourer who stopped by to say hello. He was the tour leader for an organization called Bike Across the US for MS. They organize a tour starting from Yorktown to San Francisco and the proceeds from the tour go to research on MS. He was telling me of the kind of people that ride with them. The youngest is about 18 and the oldest about 70. This year they had a couple riding a tandem. The wife has MS and the husband figured out this would be a good thing for them to do. Respect.  He told us about the church he was staying for the night and we could crash with them for the night if we liked. Don and I discussed about briefly. It would be good to get out of the wind and the sun but figured that we could ride a little more before stopping for the night. From the gas station we rode to the grocery store to get some food. Sat outside the store for a while just waiting to see if the sun would go down a little.

IMG_20180702_150103.jpgNess city

Finally back on the road at about 4 in the afternoon. Our next stop would be Rush Centre. There wasn’t anything in between to stop. Battling headwinds slowly got towards the town. The grain elevator in the town shows up ahead of time. I started to figure out that from the time i can see the grain elevator and get to town is about 15 miles. No point pushing myself since its quite a distance away. This seems to piss me off. I keep dreaming of a cup of coffee or a coke and have to wait for it for a long time. At Rush centre the park did not have a gazebo to sleep under so we went looking for a church. The town had a store that was closed so we couldn’t find anything to eat or drink. A minute later on a dirt road came to a beautiful church. Turns out that the pastor does not live there and had locked up the entire place. They open it up for an hour on Sunday’s otherwise keep it locked. Thankfully the senior centre on the opposite side of the road had an overhang. Even though it was closed and the bathrooms were not to be seen it was nice to have a shelter just incase it rained. Setup for the night and had a quick shower using the hose pipe outside the senior centre. Just as i finished one of the neighbors came out and met us. He dint know where the pastor was or even if they opened the church anymore. He was willing to drive us to the town which was a few miles away to get a cup of coffee if we liked. Thanked him for the offer and he left. Came back a few mins later with a coke and chips. Nice guy. Seemed like that would be dinner. Seems like Rush Centre doesn’t get too many cyclists who stop by and thats why they don’t have anything setup for them.

IMG_20180702_145631.jpgWith Clint from Bike Across the US for MS

Inspite of the wind and a really hot day we seem to have made a little distance. We would need to speed up if we would like to get to Sterling for the 4th of july celebration. I also discovered that they had a 10k early in the morning which i would love to run. Lets see.

IMG_20180702_190736.jpgA beautiful freshly paved road

Lesson for the day : Stop between 2 pm to 4 pm when it is hot as hell just like what i would do in the summer back home.

Up Next: Day 32, Rush Centre to Seeward