Woke up in the morning and was on the road by 7 am. This is super early compared to our other days. We had 30 miles to get to Sterling. Hoping that leaving at 7 am would shield us from the wind but we were wrong. As we turned onto the main road the winds picked up. Seems like getting slammed by the wind is a part of the terrain till we get out of Kansas. As i kept riding for about 4 hours got super hungry. Tried to power through hoping the town would show up soon. Finally gave in and stopped. A sandwich and some trail nuts and i was feeling better. A few minutes later i was at the junction turning onto Sterling. If i had only waited i would have been here earlier and could have eaten a better meal. Don had gone ahead and found a nice spot in the park.

IMG_20180704_122131.jpgEntering the town of Sterling

My first stop was the gas station to get a cup of coffee.After a nice cup of coffee went to the park trying to find Don. Found him on the bench sitting and eating at the carnival area. He had found out details on the events for the day. The parade would start in a little while and then the tractor pull. We decided to head to the Parade spot and find a nice place to sit. As we were going to leave Don discovered that he dint have his wallet. He walked around looking for it and was going to call home. I tried to retrace his steps and landed up the food counter that he had visited. Some nice person had left his wallet with the food vendor. The lady on the counter wanted me to describe the wallet. Told her its Don an she finally gave it to me. Don checked his wallet and everything including his money was intact. On the street we found a nice spot under the shade of a tree. The parade was a new experience to see different kind of floats etc. Lovely to see that the full town had contributed to the parade. They even had a bunch of Harley’s leading the parade. At the parade we made friends with a bunch of people who had come down from Hesston. As we talked Frank told me about this town. Since it was a college town it had a bunch of students. When the kids finish college they go to the city to try and find work. Apparently the largest jobs available are painters and plumbers but nobody wants to do it. Frank had managed to get one of his kids to not waste money on a large college and get a certificate to be a plumber. The kid makes more money than most people in town. Interesting to know that even though lots of these kinds of jobs pay well there are hardly any takers. These jobs are called Dirty jobs. He asked me to check out a tv show with the same name.

IMG_20180704_133137.jpgEveryone is entitled to their opinion

IMG_20180704_134046.jpgDon after he found his wallet

Our next stop was a tractor pull. As the name suggested tractors pulling weights to see who can go the farthest. The interesting part of the tractor pull were tractors from the 1940’s. Watched that for a little bit and discovered that they had a large following in the country. Apparently they have Tractor pull clubs across the country and people travel from far distances just to participate. We decided to go to Greg’s house and quickly have a shower and get to the community dinner. Greg wasn’t in town but had left the door unlocked for us. His cat was locked in the bathroom and he asked us to ensure she stays inside the house. After a quick shower headed out towards the gas station to get a cup of coffee. It feels good to have a nice short riding day. Went to the park to check on the food. Apparently they had token that you would need to buy, I dint have any cash and they couldn’t accept cards. The lady let me in without a token. A really nice meal sitting in the park while watching the concert. Don showed up after I had finished. Went with him to get a refill.

The Parade

Settled down in the park listening to music. At about 8 pm the fireworks started. Beautiful display of fireworks which went on for about 45 mins of so. The entire display overlooked the lake. It was fantastic. Thanks to Don for remembering about Sterling we had a fantastic time. If i ever go back i will definitely visit Sterling again. Definitely has been one of my favourite towns. Back at Greg’s house we discovered that he dint have an AC and it was super hot inside. Rolled out our bed spreads and slept on the porch in the backyard. A lovely end to the day watching a private fireworks show that the neighbor had put up.

IMG_20180704_163404.jpgThe tractor pull

Lesson for the day: Even though you are a stranger you can expect kindness.

IMG_20180704_193611.jpgConcert at the Park

Up next: Day 34, Sterling to Burns

Fireworks in the park

Fireworks in the park