After a restless night in the city park woke up and quickly got to the gas station. A few people were hanging around in the park for a while, cars on the road and mosquitos kept me awake. A breakfast of oatmeal. Added some trailmix to it but that was a bad idea. Our plan was to ride to Ash grove and some food and then ride as far as we could hopefully somewhere after Fair grove. I quickly wrote to Chad who lives at Springfield to see if he would like to come and see us. Back on the road and slowly made our way to Ash Grove. There seems to be no towns in between Golden city and Ash grove so we had to get to the town for coffee.

IMG_20180709_115646.jpgEric and Don killing it

Just as we were getting into town Don another cyclist Eric. He used to work with Don and had driven down and cycled from Walnut grove to meet us. Met with him and headed towards Ashgrove. Finally reached the town of Ashgrove and met Wendy at the grocery store. We picked up our mementos and took a couple of pictures. Bought a couple of supplies and settled down outside the store to eat some lunch. As we ate Eric and I started to chat. he had worked in the power plant for over 25 years. Used to be in the army. Apparently he was 47 though he dint look a day older than 35. After lunch we headed towards the gas station to get some coffee and fill our bottles. Don and Eric headed out from there while I sat outside drinking my coffee. An old farmer drove up and joined me on the bench. We chatted for a bit and about his time serving in the army in Germany. He wanted to know more about India and about how the economy is doing. The economy in the town was not very well. Price of wheat has come down and its hard to find people to work in the farms. He and his son ran a 700 acre farm by themselves. They also had cattle that they sold for meat. Interesting to learn how they made money of cattle and agriculture.

IMG_20180709_125852.jpgOur mementos, with Wendy Davis

IMG_20180709_144103.jpgThe old man who handles 700 acres of farm land at 84 years

Got on the road and headed towards Walnut Grove to catch up Don and Eric. At Walnut Grove stopped to get a little coffee. Seemed like getting for Fair grove will be a task if its as hilly as here. Started riding and kept hitting these big hills. Finally an hour or so later sat outside someone’s yard hiding from sun. The lady of the house came out with a nice bottle of cold water. Apparently lots of cyclists stop there since it on top of a really steep hill. She was considering putting up a bench so that people would have a place to sit. Finally after a long long hard ride managed to catch up with Don. He seemed to be having a little hard time riding up these hills. Since his bike was heavy he at times had to push it up the hills. Finally we rode into Fairgrove. Stopped at the Subway to get some food and decide on our next course of action. According to Don’s map there was a park close by that had showers and the gas station on the opposite side of the road will open it up for us.

Somewhere along the road

After a really nice meal and a chat with the good folks at the Subway we headed towards the park. At the park the showers were open and super clean. There were couple of touring cyclists there from France. Unpacked our bags and then started to chat with them. Compared notes on the ride. The guy was having trouble with the heat. The lady dint mind it at all. As we talked a cyclist on a recumbent pulled up. He usually goes out in the evening with his dog for a ride. The dog had its own custom made chair at the back. Apparently he builds and sells bikes. As Don talked to him I tried to ride the bike. Its super hard to learn to get on the bike. Fell on my ass a few times. I could barely even pedal forward. According to him it takes a while. Seems like an interesting bike to tour. The seat is the most comfortable part of it. Will be super slow over hills but thats the price you would pay for comfort.

IMG_20180709_210454.jpgNotice the dog cage at the back of the bike

Finally the day was over. Don made plans to meet his wife at Houston the day after next. Tomorrow would be a nice short day of about 60 miles so that the next day we could do about 40. As usual none of our plan are set in stone.

IMG_20180709_191555.jpgDon killing it near Fair grove

Lesson for the day: Always find a lawn when trying to ride a recumbent bike

Up Next: Day 39, Fair grove to Houston