Today’s the day i sit on my ass and do nothing. Today would be the first day that Don wouldn’t have to wake me up at 6 am for us to hit the road.As luck would happen i woke up at 5:30 am. Tried to go back to sleep couldn’t do that. Waited for Don to wake up and headed to the gas station. Sat outside drinking coffee and enjoying the sun.  Don checked with the hotel that his wife booked for us and figured out that we could checkin at noon. We waited around in the gas station for a while. Managed to write up a couple of notes. Don headed out to the Hotel and I stayed back drinking another cup of coffee.

IMG_20180711_174639.jpgThe town of Houston

Before i left I bought a scratch card, this time around dint win a penny. Well at least thanks to yesterday’s winning I broke even. Seems like these are addictive. Have to stay away from the lottery. Winning a little seems to drag you back in to buy some more. At the hotel Don was sitting in the lobby typing away on his phone. He was also trying to catch up on his notes. We were super tired last night and dint bother to send out emails home. As we waited for the guys in the hotel to get the room ready I went outside to chill on the deck. Inspite of it being hot i dozed off on the floor next to the bike. Woke up an hour later and the rooms were ready. The nap was perfect, its nice to take a nap mid day and feel no guilt about it. The hotel was run by an Indian guy. Asked him if his wife was in town. I wanted to know if she would make extra food for us too. According to Don that question would have shocked anyone in the country but back at home  its a perfectly reasonable question to ask.  The room was fantastic. It had a shower, bed and TV. Cant ask for much more. I was ready to take another nap and then maybe I could get some food. Joyce hadn’t reached yet. Will see her in a bit.

IMG_20180711_174634.jpgUp ahead the cheapest place to eat

Dozed off again while watching TV. Woke up at about 6 in the evening and went to see Don. He was dressed up. He finally was retired. Papers signed and sealed and ready for the next part of life.  Chatted with Joyce for a bit and went out to get some food. Don and Joyce had already eaten so i went to McDonald’s to get some food. After eating and a cup of coffee came back to the room. Figured I might was well enjoy the day off and sleep as much as I can. Went back to bed in a couple of hours. I had to pack my bags but decided would do it in the morning instead.

IMG_20180711_175236.jpgDon dressed up to go to the bank to sign his retirement papers

Don wanted to leave at about 7:30 in the morning. The scout office was sending someone to ride with him for a little bit and he would meet us on the way somewhere at about 8. LE was also in town catching up on a nap. maybe we would see him tomorrow if he chooses not to ride tonight. With plans being made  passed out while watching tv.  A wonderfully relaxing day. A much deserved break. Onwards to maybe Ellington tommorow.

IMG_20180711_190508.jpgWith Joyce.

Lesson for the day: All you can eat Chinese is a good idea on a day off if you can find it

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