After a super cold night shivering in the Hostel thanks to the AC being on full blast woke up at 6:30. After a couple of smokes and packing up my bags we headed to find a gas station / store. The connivence store was tucked away into town. Sat down for a nice cup of coffee and some free coffee. Apparently they don’t charge for coffee. I could move here. We had to get to Farmington by 5 in the evening so what Don could meet the reporter and then have dinner with his brother. Thats about 80 miles to get too quickly. We finally were on the road by 8 in the morning. A little earlier than we normally would do. Our first stop was the town of Centerville. After a relatively nice ride rolled into the gas station. Just as we walked into the store the lady was pulling out a batch of Cinnamon rolls. The store was about a month old and she had never made coffee before but would for me. Sat outside enjoying the cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee. Excellent coffee.

IMG_20180713_080548.jpgThe town of Ellington

After a lovely snack at Centerville I headed towards Pilot knobb. The road had gotten a little less hilly but its super hot. After a few hills slowly rolled into a large highway type street. On the way to Pilot knobb i had to climb one hill and as i came down reached a bar in the middle of nowhere. Went in to get a coke. The guy at the bar was surprised to see me. Dint expect to see me on a bike either. Chatted with him for a bit. By the end of the conversation he offered to sell me the bar or i could just work with him. They get busy during the evenings and needed additional help. Thanked him for the offer. Told him that if i ever come back i will take him up on it. Was going to pay for the coke and he refused. Got on towards Pilot Knobb for which i had to climb a hill. As i climbed over the hill came to this large interstate type of road. Pilot knobb was more a shopping place than even a town. Maybe the town was elsewhere. Found a McDonald’s and went in to get a coke and burger. It was super hot. Stayed put inside for about an hour. It was about 3 in the afternoon by the time I left. Don was behind. He had stopped to eat a little while ago.

img_20180713_125514.jpgThe bar in the middle of nowhere

With 30 miles to go to Farmington and got on the road. As i was riding met a touring cyclist on his way to Astoria. A quick chat about he road ahead and we were off. He told me about the dogs in Kentucky and I told him about the bar down the road. The next 30 miles were not bad, finally entered Farmington. Stopped at McDonald’s on the edge of the city to get coffee. As i was getting coffee Don rolled in. He had coordinated with the reporter to meet us at McDonald’s. Seems like he has now figured out where i would be when we enter each town. We talked to her for a while about how we met and the journey so far. The experiences that we have had have been super unique. As i write this,  I miss those moments. As we were talking to Shawna, Wayne comes to see us. He is a cyclist who happens to be a councilman in town. He is responsible to having a hostel in town. Chatted with him for a while before heading to meet Don’s brother.

IMG_20180713_110128.jpgWith Jim who was going west

Don was meeting his brother at Cici’s a pizza place with unlimited pizza. Went to meet them at the pizza place. Lots of pizza for 6 dollars. Hard not to over eat. Met with Don’s brothers family. Started talking to his nephew Daniel. Interesting conversation on the state of America. Learnt lots about what is really happening i the country. Even more interesting was the Electoral college. Daniel wants the healthcare system sorted as quickly as possible. To him that is the biggest problem the country has as of now. his political views are interesting. His favourite president has been Clinton. I have heard the same from a number of people. Seems like the economy was thriving

IMG_20180713_161937.jpgChurch Signs

After a quick meal we headed to the old jail that was converted to the hostel.The hostel was beautiful. it had lots of beds and super nice couches to talk to people when they came to visit. I don’t remember if they had a shower but the place was amazing. All of this run by the city. Today was an excellent day. Seems like we are in luck finding nice places to sleep. The icing on the cake was that they had a coffee machine to make coffee in the morning. That would be nice. LE had parked his bike outside the hostel and gone to sleep. Maybe he was planning to ride at night. Will know in the morning.

IMG_20180713_215521.jpgWith Don’s brothers family

Lesson for the day : Old jails make nice hotels if you add new furniture.

Up next: Day 43, Farmington to Murphysboro

IMG_20180713_224304_HHT.jpgHands after a long long day