Woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night to cover up. It was a little cold at night. Thankfully the rain had stopped but it was super humid. We headed to Huck’s another gas station chain. We had gotten tired of Casey’s. Well stuff sold at Huck’s is the same but they had Banana’s. Thats a first. After some breakfast and coffee we headed out. Even though it was slowly getting hotter it still was super humid. I would need to either have a bath or wash my clothes to ensure I don’t get saddle sores. Don was still having trouble with his phone but got tired of it and turned it off. When he turned it back on it seems to work properly. Its almost like the Scooter back home that would work only when i kick it to start.


Slow ride to Carbondale. Nice country roads with lots of blind corners and hills. My first glimpse of the town was the university. A few miles later reached the main road. Stopped at the McDonald’s to get a cup of coffee. As i was sitting around drinking coffee looked up on facebook to see if there was an Indian Community in Carbondale. Miss food from back home. Called a phone number listed and found out that there was 2 Indian restaurants but would open only at 12 noon. Also there was a temple but they don’t serve food till late evening. When Don reached McDonalds told about my find. It was only 9 in the morning and too early for lunch. We decided to get on the road and eat later. Indian food would have to wait. Just before we left met 2 kids from Malaysia. They were traveling from West to East. One of them was telling me about their experiences in Kentucky , seems like he did have someone call him Chinese but nothing else happened. According to him as long as I keep riding I should be ok. Well time would tell. We would enter Kentucky tomorrow. Unlike other racers who passed by Illinois in about 12 hours we would take 36 hours.

Ride towards Goreville

From the town of Carbondale our next stop would be Goreville. With all our bottles filled to the brim we hit the road. Passed by some wonderful forests and windy roads. The humidity has increased from yesterday. My t-shirt was soaked by the time i reached Goreville. Our first stop was the grocery store at the entrance of town. I was craving chocolate milk but only had a gallon can. As luck would have it another guy came into the store and bought a gallon of it. Walked up to him and asked him if he would share and he agreed. Got a cup from the store and I had chocolate milk. After a quick drink Don and I decided to go get pizza for lunch. Rode to the gas station on the other end of town. As we ate pizza we discussed about where we could stop tonight. We figured if we couldn’t get to Cave in rock we should get to Elizabeth town. We could take the ferry in the morning when we get to town. Catching the ferry tonight wont be possible. Our only stop between here and Elizabeth town and here was the small town of Eddyville which had a gas station that may or may not be open.

IMG_20180715_174346.jpgA tunnel in the middle of nowhere

Headed towards the town of Eddyville. As i rode in the only thing i could do was pray that the gas station would be open and it wont rain. After a few hours of riding finally reached the town. Stopped at the gas station and they were going to close in a bit. I quickly went in and got the last bit of the coffee they had in the machine. As we sat there for a few minutes it started to rain.We decided to stay it town and leave in the morning. No point riding in the rain. Don went ahead to the park to see if we could stay there. Went to join him a few minutes later. Turns out he had talked his way into staying in the community hall for the night. Even though it did not have a shower it had a nice place for us to put our stuff out and sleep comfortably. Unfortunately they dint have a coffee machine to make coffee in the morning. Tons of coffee powder but no coffee machine, just my luck.

IMG_20180715_144337.jpgSlowly Slowly towards Eddyville

Finally laid out the sleeping roll and ready to hit the bed. texted LE about our location if he needed to sleep for the night but looks like he will try and cross the river at night by paying a local fisherman to take him on the other side. If he waits till the morning it would be free but he needs to be in Yorktown on 24th so is hurrying up. Finally in bed after a quick rinse of my clothes. Hopefully it will be dry in the morning. Tomorrow we should be in Kentucky. I know there is an Amish store near the river that has some snacks. Thanks to Andrew for that information it will make me go quickly across the river.

IMG_20180715_130102.jpgAfter a long hard climb

Lesson for the day : Find a portable and light coffee machine to take with you on this race.

Up Next: Day 45, Eddyville to Seabre