After a night at the community centre woke up at 5 am and went back to bed. Up again at 7 am in the morning and quickly packed up my bags. Don wanted to head out directly and get a cup of coffee at Elizabeth town but i wanted a cup of coffee before i started. Made my way to the gas station that had just opened. A nice cup of coffee and I was ready. Don was still at the community centre fixing the bags that he had. He was trying to stabilise his sleeping bag at the back since it keeps coming off. LE was already across the river. He managed to find a local fishermen who took him across the river for 20 bucks. Smart move. As i started to ride towards Elizabeth town the hills continued. Looks like i wont get rid of them anytime soon.

IMG_20180716_082659.jpgPolitical opinions

After a tough ride reached the town. I guess it was tough since it was the first thing in the morning.  Sat in the gas station drinking some coffee and eating a little. Don rolled in a little while later. Seems like his bike is far more stable now. He stopped for a cup of coffee while i headed out. I would wait for him at Cave in rock next to the ferry. A nice ride towards the town of cave in rock with lots of houses on either side. Seems like lots of people live here. No idea where they buy their produce from. I dint see any other grocery store close by. Finally in Cave in rock. The town was super nice. A bunch of bicycles decorated the place and really old building all around. Found a small little restaurant and got a coke. Just as i was sitting finishing up my drink, Don showed up. the ferry was ready for us. Quickly we rode to the ferry. Time to leave Illinois. On the ferry as we crossed the river we took a bunch of pictures and looked around. Nice to get a free ferry ride.

At Cave in Rock

Finally we entered Kentucky. Time to get some Kentucky fried chicken. Our first stop was the Amish store about 8 miles from the river. Slowly rode to the store. They have a really nice setup in the middle of nowhere.Went in to chat with the guy who runs the place. Don bought a couple of snacks. I wanted to buy something but dint have money and they dont take cards. The Amish guy showed me some really cool sky light he had setup. Interesting to see innovation without the use of modern technology. I asked him how they run a business in todays day and age when everything is done on email or on the phone. Apparently each church has a set of rules that they amend to help them. Technology is not a no no but should be used as minimally as possible. They have a community phone that he uses to do business and a driver for a car for the entire town. After a nice conversation and a fist bump we got on our way.

8 States down , 2 to go. At Kentucky

Our next stop was the town of Marion where we stopped for lunch. Found a subway and got a sandwich. I quickly stopped at the gas station to pick up rolling paper. Now in Kentucky cigarettes are supposed to be cheaper. Will know as we ride a little into the state. After a nice meal we headed out. Our plan was to get to Utica and stay at the fire station.  We forgot to fill water in Marion and realized that only after we left. With no place to fill 2 bottles I kept going. Kept looking for a hose and couldn’t find one. At the town of Dixion i met a guy who was sitting outside his car in the public library. He had lots of water in a can and filled my bottles up. Chatted with him for a bit and found out he was homeless. He had traded his gun for a car. He once in a while will go to his mums house to have a shower. He had a job in the plastic factory and is now thinking of finding a house. Got on the road and headed towards Seabre. I was starting to get hungry again.

At Dixon

At Seabre i passed the biker hostel in the church and rode towards the centre of town. Went to a Mexican place and asked for rice. Chatted with the owner for a bit about life in the US after he immigrated. He likes it here. Says that quality of life is better and he has enough money to live comfortably. After 2 big plates of rice and beans i was content. He refused taking money from me and asked me to come back if I ever come to the US again. Left the Mexican restaurant and rode towards the Hostel. Don had sent me a message saying he was staying there for the night. it was already 8 in the evening and he told me that they had a shower. That was too good to miss. Met a cyclist Evan who was a local who showed me the way to the hostel. Chatted with him for a little bit and he gave me a packet of cigarettes before he left. He was trying to quit smoking and now was as good a time as any. Evan also told me that the towns from here are rather nice and people are super friendly. He works in the ER as a nurse. Asked him what are the cases he gets in the ER and he told me that most of them are gun shot victims. Usually people shooting themselves accidentally.

IMG_20180716_201750.jpgThe Best Mexican restaurant i have ever been too

At the hostel we ran into the French couple from a few days ago. They gotten here a couple of hours ago. The last tim we had seen them was during our rest day at Houston. They seem to be doing fine and enjoying themselves. LE was also here. He had reached a few minutes after us. After a quick chat with them and a nice long shower i was ready to hit the bed. Unfortunately had to spend 2 hours typing out my notes from the previous days before i could go to bed but the church had a nice couch setup and i could lounge on that and write. From what i remember I passed out on the couch while writing my notes.

IMG_20180716_204708.jpgWith Evan

Lesson for the day: Plain rice in a Mexican places tastes like masala rice back home.

Up next: Day 46, Seabre to Eastview

Over the 5000 km mark

IMG_20180716_122624.jpgDon and I crossing over to Kentucky. This is on the ferry ride.