Woke on a super nice couch at the church hostel at Seabre. The french lady had put on the coffee machine so we could get some nice fresh coffee. Made a nice breakfast of oreo’s and milk. Thankfully i dint add any sugar, its super sweet. The milk at the end of the cup was far better than the rest. After a nice cup of coffee and breakfast I craved a little more coffee. Packed up and headed out to the gas station to get another cup before I headed out on the road. We had 30 miles to go to Utica before we could actually stop. While heading to the gas station checked on the Mexican restaurant to see if i could get some more rice,unfortunately they were closed. After a quick cup of coffee at the gas station started to ride towards Utica. Passed a town called Beech Grove, for the first time I did not stop to get something to drink.

IMG_20180717_075039.jpgThe church hostel at Seabre

Finally reached the town of Utica. Took a break at the gas station and got a little food. Met the French lady at the store. Her partner had taken a car and left to Virginia. Apparently it was super hot for him but she wanted to kept riding. Kudos to her. After a quick chat we hit the road. Since the race route and the ACA maps shows slightly different routes we went on our separate ways. After about a 10 mile detour and a few more miles reached the town of Whiteville. Don called and he was on his way too Utica. Told him that i would get to Fordsville for lunch and will see him there. After a quick smoke under a tree while hiding from the heat got back on the road. Rode to Fordsville quickly since it was about 10 miles away with only a few hills in between.

IMG_20180717_141447.jpgOn the road

At Fordsville there wasn’t a grocery store but a restaurant. Went in to get a coke and turns out they don’t accept cards. Just as i was about to leave the French lady shows up. Was telling her about the card thing and she offered to buy me a coke. A quick coke and a couple of minutes outside having a smoke and we hit the road. She told me about the Airport at Falls of Rough that lets you sleep in. Told her that our plan was to ride to White Mills. Wished her luck and headed out. Got to the town of Falls of Rough and at the gas station stopped to get a pint of ice cream. Called Don to check on him and he had just reached Whitesville. Told him about the airport and headed out. Tons of energy after he ice cream and headed towards White mills.  While climbing to the town of Axtel met a couple of guys drinking a beer in their garage. They invited me in to chill with them for a bit. After a couple of nice cold bottles of water we chatted about a few things. Again these guys also warned me about Hazard. The town has a really strange reputation. They dont even like people from Western Kentucky. One of these guys had worked there in the past and wouldn’t do back there again.

On the way to Axtel

Back on the road and finally got to the Axtel. A gas station there was all the town was made up off. Quick coffee and back on the road. Made a call to the fire department at White mills asking if they could host me. They were willing and ok to host me whenever i came into town. With that sorted back on the road. It started to get super dark. At about 10 in the night I figured that i rather find a place to sleep than make it to white mills. Reached a few houses on a hill with a couple of guys working on a car. Asked them directions to the nearest post office. What they said was 2 miles turned out to be 9. Finally reached the town of East view. Rolled into the post office.

IMG_20180718_004502.jpgSetting up for the night

At the post office they did not have a tap or a plug point but had AC. Quickly washed my clothes with a  bottle of water and  myself with another and setup for the night. As i finished cleaning up a fire truck pulls in. These were the guys from the Whitemills fire station. They had been watching me on the tracker and came up to see if I was ok. Chatted with him for a bit and told them i was staying put. Was super tired to go on. Rolled out my sleeping bag liner and was ready to hit the bed. I was invited to use the shower at the Fire station at White mills. That would be a good thing to do when i start in the morning. Also figured out that  a gas station was only a couple of miles away from the post office so getting coffee could be easy.

IMG_20180717_141424.jpgInteresting church signs

Lesson for the day: People who drive cars under estimate distance.

Up next: Day 47, Eastview to Mackville