After a night outside the church at the Breaks Interstate park woke up to see the pastor pulling up. He had come to turn on the heater and was ok with me staying there for a bit longer. Asked him where a store was and he gave me directions. He would have brought me some coffee if he had known I was sleeping here. Packed up headed to the town of Haysis. Its nice to get to the last state, another 500 odd miles to go and off i would go home.

IMG_20180722_105308.jpgThe town of Haysis

After climbing 3 tall hills reached a town of Haysis. Finally after riding what seemed forever reached a gas station. Haysis is a super small town in between a few hills. Sadly AT&T wouldn’t work anywhere which has even a small bump or a hill. Rode down to the pizza shop to mooch off some internet. As I was sitting outside in the sun enjoying the day Adam passed by. He was heading to Damascus for the night. After a sending out the notes from the previous couple of days and some food from the dollar store headed out. It was already 12 in the afternoon. I would have to ride about 80 miles to reach Damascus and some of it on the hilliest section of the route named after Prashanth Chengi who came up with the analysis.

IMG_20180722_145037.jpgRide to Honaker

My next stop would be the town of Honaker. I would need to make a decision on where to stay at Damascus or if i would be able to get there. True to its name the hills started again. Its painful to keep going up and down during the last of this ride. Finally reached the town of Honaker just before it started raining. Got a bite to eat and a cup of coffee at the gas station and waited for the rain to stop. Its now humid and sticky. The last day or so has ben raining and i have been soaked a few times. Called Crazy Larry’s B&B and confirmed that i would ride in towards the night. Asked him to check on the tracker and he would know when i rode in. Nice guy told me to check another place if I wanted a cheaper place but would help me out if i wanted. Decided to ride to get to his place.

IMG_20180722_145041.jpgThe Chengi century begins

The Chengi century starts from here. Slowly climbed out of the town of Honaker and headed towards the town of Rosedale. It started to rain again. No point stopping so kept riding. Passed a couple of towns quickly and kept riding. No stops or a while now. After about 30 miles or so reached a McDonald’s in the middle of nowhere just off the interstate. A quick cup of coffee and a call to Larry who had called earlier to tell him i was on my way. I think he thought i would get in earlier. After a cup of coffee headed out from McDonald’s toward the town. After a long ride in the dark finally reached the town. Unfortunately AT&T wouldn’t work so no internet to find the place.As luck would have it met a hiker who was walking by and asked him for directions. Finally reached Crazy Larry’s B&B. Chatted with him a little bit.He has had a super hard year health wise and needs the situation to change quickly. Larry is super interesting. He used to be a man on the run and  He get pissed really quick but lets go equally quickly. As i sat outside on the porch talking to Larry when a hiker showed up. He was on the Appalachian trail.We chatted for a while about the trail and politics and how the nation was divided. being a lawyer he gave me  a ton of insight on what was happening in the country. Helped me understand the Electoral office and why it exists. Dirk was heading back home to look after the kids while his wife had to go out on a business trip. He was going to rejoin the trail in a month or so and then hike as much as possible before the snow set in. He had just quit his job and rather bitch and wine at home about his situation he decided to go out for a hike and apply for work on the trail. Interesting to see how people handle situations that life throws at them.

IMG_20180722_201025.jpgSlow ride to Damascus

At about 11 in the night quickly had a shower and was ready to hit the bed. After a wet and sticky day its nice to be clean. Thanks to Larry my clothes were nicely washed and dry. Tomorrow I head towards Lexington. Hopefully will get there without getting rained on. The day today has been quite nice. Cant ask for more if you have a little food and a nice bed. Larry has promised to make me breakfast tomorrow so thats something nice to look forward to in the morning.

IMG_20180723_075323.jpgCrazy Larry’s B&B

Lesson for the day: Coffee at McDonald’s  is not priced as the Soda but they have unlimited refills.

Up next: Day 52, Damascus to Fort Chiswel