Woke up to the smell of Pancakes. Larry was up early making breakfast for us. Nice and large chocolate chip pancakes and eggs makes a wonderful breakfast. After tucking in to a large breakfast sat down lounging on the couch. Larry quickly got me off my ass. He was going out for the day and it was time for me to leave. Packed up and took a pic with Larry and hit the road. I would need to get to Whytheville to get over the hilliest portion of the course. My first stop would be the town of Troutdale. Adam passed by and would see me later on the route.

Breakfast at Larry’s

Rolled out of Damascus towards the town of Troutdale. Expecting lots of hills on the route. Slowly slowly got going. I seem to be dragging again today. I think it would be amazing to get a day off and chill but i now discovered that if I would have to finish on the 28th I would need to keep going. When i looked at the map i thought the town of Lexington was about a 100 miles away how wrong i would be. As i climbed up the hill I met an old man fishing by the river with his dog. Long hair and a large beard chilling by the river. Apparently he used to be a policeman in the past and has finally retired and come back home. He gave me an update on the weather. Asked me to ride out quickly since it would rain.

Finally stopped at troutdale at the gas station.Adam as chilling outside too. We had ridden here reasonably quickly. It seemed like it would rain. After a quick cup of coffee headed out. A little further found a state park to stop by to eat lunch. I had to eat up some of the excess food i was carrying. Inspite of a day that was dragging I seem to be making progress.

Somewhere on the road

After what seemed to be an eternity i finally got to Whytheville. Yesterday i wanted a piece of cake so looked around for a cake store and wasn’t able to find one. As i was passing by the main street saw a small ice cream shop. They had a lovely porch for me to sit out and chill. Got some ice cream and chatted with the guys at the store. Its a small family owned store selling home made ice cream. It was about 6 in the evening and i sat outside just talking to people till about 8. I decided that it was time to hit the road but figured I wouldn’t be able to get to even Christiansburg . Started to ride towards Fort Chiswel and at the intersection there was a McDonald’s. Just as i pulled in it started to rain. In the store there was an indian family. The lady seemed to be unhappy with me coming in. I figured its maybe because i was dirty and had  along beard. maybe she was my mum’s friend. Anyways got a cup of coffee and got ready to ride int he rain.

Beautiful church on the route

Rode for about 10 miles and found a huge church on the side of the road. This road had followed the interstate and had a bunch of truck stops close by for me to get coffee in the morning. None of the door were unlocked and they had cameras on the perimeter. The fellowship hall had a porch that dint have a camera. Quickly pulled in and decided to sleep there for the night. Just as I was putting out my sleeping gear it started to rain. Thankfully the porch wasn’t leaking. Even though i was on the highway i was hidden. Put my bike against the wall and setup my sleeping gear and was ready to go to sleep.

Just before it rains

My day has been strange. It started off quite well and went to shit soon with me struggling to climb but finally got to a place where it dint matter anymore and I was enjoying my ride. Maybe tomorrow would be great. With a gas station next door and a roof over my head cant ask for better. Back at home I hear that one of my dogs had eaten some more of the couch. Well looks like the couch wont make it till I got home. I am looking forward to getting home to see them.

A slow climb

Lesson for the day : Always check for Camera s when stealth camping if you don’t want  a visit from the police.

Up Next: Day 53, Fort Chiswel to Daveville