Woke up to a day that i wish i could skip. Just to pack up seemed to be a task. I think my body was breaking down and somehow i would need to get done with the day. At the gas station after a cup of coffee went to the restaurant next door to eat something. Dint want to eat the oatmeal that i had. I would need to stop a few times today just to get the day over with. Started to ride towards Christiansburg. At draper stopped at the gas station just to sit down and chill. To get to Radford seemed to be super hilly. maybe this is the hilliest section yet. Stopped outside the town in a McDonald’s to get coffee. As i sat outside drinking coffee the guys at the store came out to ask me to sit inside. Apparently sitting on the porch next to the bike wasn’t allowed.

I dont know who lives here but looks super cool

Rode through the town of Radford and accidentally climbed a large hill when i was supposed to turn off. Came back down the road and found the route to get back on the course. After i rode through the park reached the other end and discovered that they were putting up road closed signs. Luckily the guys let me go through. At the far end of town is stopped a the gas station to take a break. As i was sitting out  and wondering how to get through the day, a lady walked up to me and handed me a bottle of water. Almost instantaneously I felt better. Slowly got on the road. Now for some reason i started going quicker. Passed by the town of Christiansburg without stopping and that turned out to be a mistake. As i passed by tons in between there wasn’t a shop in sight. Met with the Sheriff’s deputy at about 8 in the evening at Mt.Union and asked for directions for the gas stations.

A hard hilly climb

About 10 miles later came to the gas station in the town of Daleville. There wasn’t any coffee but the nepali guy who ran the place got someone to make me some. Chatted with him for a bit and discovered that there was a Nepali store 2 hours from there. apparently there is a big Indian Community around the area. The kid was studying and working close by. It was super surprising to find a Nepali to far away from home. A Mexican customer was fascinated to see us talking to each other in a language that was common. A little education about the 2 countries and I decided i would sleep in the post office rather than try and make it to Troutville. The Nepali guy promised me a cup of chai if i came to the store at 7 am in the morning. His sister in law who runs the place in the morning makes tea for herself and would make some for me too. That is an offer I cannot refuse.

Gloomy rainy evenings

Went inside the post office and it was super cold since the AC was on full blast. Just outside they had a porch entry with a power outlet that also had a nice carpet. Rolled out the sleeping bag. This seemed like a good spot to sleep for the night. The church next to the post office was super dark and gloomy atleast this had lights and a power outlet. The day was finally over. Tomorrow should be a good day since i may get some chai. Lets see.

Up and Down the hills

Lesson for the day: Sometimes a random act of Kindness changes how you feel about the world

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