After a brilliant night at the Bike House i woke up to Christy making coffee. She was riding from West to the East too. This ride was her way of celebrating tenure at the university that she works in. She was super sweet. Made me a up of coffee. We figured out that we would get to mineral today and stay at the fire station. She would call ahead and tell them we are coming. Victoria invited us for breakfast at the Mudhouse cafe at Crozet. Christy decided to head out and I took Victoria up on the offer. They serve the best coffee in town.

The World Famous Bike House

Slowly rode towards Crozet. Made a small pit stop at the organic farm on the way. A cup of coffee and a couple of tomatoes and I was off. Finally after winding through the country roads reached Crozet. The town is beautiful. The Mudhouse Cafe was in the heart of the town. Thanks to Victoria I got a bacon burger, a piece of cheese cake and a cup of coffee. Everything was just amazing.Sat outside enjoying the food and the hospitality. At about 12 noon after a a quick pic with the amazing people at Mudhouse I hit the road. Slowly rode towards Charlottesville. The plan was to get  bite to eat in town and push on to Mineral. On the way Isabella met me. She had driven an hour to see me. Chatted for a bit about the ride and asked her if she knew where Dave Mathew lived. I had heard he lives near here. She knew the manager of the band who now lives at Seattle but promised to let him know that i was a fan.

Breakfast at Mudhouse

At Charlottesville stopped to look for a place to eat and noticed that there was an Indian restaurant. Taste of India was pretty decent but since they were closing for the afternoon they kept hurrying me to finish. After a nice lunch of Biryani and Roti’s got on the road. I decided to do a quick stop either at Woodridge or Palmyra before heading to mineral. For some reason at both towns i missed the gas station and kept going. I thought the town of Kents store would at least have a store but it dint. Stopped for a quick stop outside someone’s house. He offered me some water and then back on the road.

The Lovely People at Mudhouse

At about 8 in the evening I reached the gas station outside the town of Mineral. Got a nice cup of coffee and a bag of chips. Sat outside for a long time just eating and chilling. This part of the country seem to have way more black people than the rest of the country. Asked the lady at the cash register and turns out from here to Richmond does have a larger black population. Finally rolled into the town of Mineral. The fire station was closed and none of the doors were open. Couldn’t find Christy so went to the post office to see if i could sleep in there. Rolled out my bed spread and put my phones to charge.

Look at the Fence

In the middle of night woke up to see a lady at the post office operating the box. Strange to see her using the post office at 11 pm at night. In an hour the police showed up. The lady had called them telling them I was sleeping in the post office. Chatted with him for a couple of mins and since he couldn’t find a board that says i couldn’t sleep there he agreed to let me sleep in.He was fascinated that i was from India and riding across the country. Finally at 2 am i went to sleep.

Looking for Coffee

Lesson for the day: Sometimes you wont get kicked out of the post office just because they did not put up a notice saying you cant sleep in there.

Just Before Sunset

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