After the wake up call in the middle of the night and going back to bed at 2 am woke up to a bright sunny day. Lazed around on the post office floor till about 6:30 am and finally woke up. As usual the first stop was the gas station for a cup of coffee and a little breakfast. I have grown sick and tired of oatmeal so tried the toast and eggs. The plan was to ride to Glendale to the church and stay the night before finishing up the next day. Slowly started making my way towards Bumpass. This would be my first stop. To get to Bumpass was super hard. Not just because it was hilly but because i felt the day was dragging. After a cup of coffee decided to head to Ashland for lunch. Needed to get to the town before it started to rain.

Rains at Ashland

Finally rolled into the town of Ashland. Small lovely little town that had a railway track running on the main street with stores on the left and right of it. The moment I got into town it started to rain. Quickly found a shop to duck into and it started to pour. A storm blew into town and had to run behind my gloves in the rain. Chatted with the Indian guy at the stores for a little bit and hit the road. Went to the Cafe to get a cup of coffee and a little food. Sat outside on the deck eating and drinking. Got a message from prince purple saying he would meet me at 6 at Atlee station. Spent a little more time at Ashland and headed out. Just outside the town found  a Walmart. I needed to pick up ear phones and stopped by at it. There were a couple of people who were selling tshirts outside the store to raise money for a drug recovery program. Started to talk to them for a little bit when Prince Purple rolled up. He had driven down to meet me. They had even made a sign to welcome me into town. After a quick chat with him got on my way.


I would need to get to Glendale to the church which was about 30 miles away. After a slow ride towards Glendale stopped at the gas station to get a cup of coffee. A couple of guys riding dirt bikes pulled up. Chatted with them for a little bit and headed out. The last 5 miles were super dark but finally reached the church. At the church Adam and Christy were already there. Found out where the shower was and quickly hopped in. Need to be clean for the finish. Finally got to bed at about 11 at night. Me and Adam chatted or a bit before Christy shushed us from the other room . Apparently we were loud. Went back to bed. Finally the last day and tomorrow i will be in Yorktown.

With Prince Purple

A part of me does not want this to get over. Going back tot he real world and being responsible and going to work isn’t appealing enough. I seem to be super happy on the bike. LE had gone back home and will come back to finish the race. I envy him since he would get extra time just riding his bike. Lets see how i feel tomorrow when i get to Williamsburg. For now time to go to bed.

Glendale Willis church

Lesson for the day: Even though Oatmeal is great you always need a change.

Up Next: Day 57, Glendale to Yorktown
6400 kms done and just a few days to go