Woke up in the morning in the church hostel. It took a couple of mins to remember that i dont have to quickly dress up and ride. Lounged around and made a cup of coffee. Sat outside facing the river smoking a cigarette. It took a while to respond to all the text from the previous day. In the meantime Marty and Adam woke up. Marty was an Australian tourer who had finished the previous day and was heading towards DC in the next couple of days. He was on a 6 month holiday so was taking it easy. We went out for breakfast. The only place that was open in town was the hotel next door. After a large breakfast we got back to the church. Adam had to leave in an hour or so and Marty and I decided to go out for a walk in a bit.

Walking around in Yorktown

Just after lunch Marty and I walked around town taking pictures and looking around. Got some ice cream and sat down chilling. Turns out the historical sites are great but sitting on our asses are far better. Back at the church we started to pack up our bikes. Tom and his wife invited us for dinner. We went to Larry’s to get dinner. Had a wonderful time. Marty and I chatted about Australia for a little bit. He gave me insight about the Nullarbor plains, information which i would need if i ever did a ride across Australia. We went to bed early after a nice lazy day. Tomorrow off i go to Newyork.

The church that hosts cyclists

The next morning I woke up to the rain pouring. Tom would pick me up in  a little while. I quickly walked over to the post office to send out the things for Eric and my t-shirt to the Bike House. Tom met me at the church and we loaded up the car. He drove me down to Williamsburg to the bus and railway station. Turns out the greyhound doesn’t have a counter there so was forced to take a train which was 218 dollars. Seems far more expensive to travel by train than a flight. The train showed up and the conductor got me to unload my bike before pushing it in. Seems unnecessary.  Anyways went ahead and did that and thanked Tom before I got into the train. In the train texted Roshan telling him that i would ride home from Newyork. The train ride was pretty much like the one back home. I think the only thing is that i couldn’t smoke in the loo’s like i do at home. A nice long nap and I got to Newyork at 2 am.

Arriving in Newyork, the first thing I see is a billboard from Zoho. For a moment i thought i was in Chennai since the company is based out of India. Got my bike out and left the railway station. I got directions from a cop who helped me find my way to the train station that would take me across the river. A short train ride and I was in New jersey. A cup of coffee at McDonalds and another stop at Duncan Donuts before going to Roshan’s house. Super excited to see them after a long time. We chilled for a while and after which Bisha went to work. I had to buy a few presents and Roshan took me to Costco. Bought about 30 kgs of chocolates for everyone i knew. Thankfully its cheaper to buy in bulk. After our shopping at Costco and a small meal we went back home. A quick 30 min nap and went to Newyork to meet Bisha. We walked around town looking for a place to find the best deal on Ray ban glasses and then some dinner. Turns out the Ray bans were 200 dollars so dint buy them. Decided to buy it a little later. Maybe tomorrow when i went to REI i could do that. After a kickass dinner we went back home. Its been a long day. Shopping seems more stressful than riding a bike.

Bisha and Roshan showing me around 

The next day i dismantled my bike and boxed it up to get it ready to take on the flight. Went to Newyork to pick up a bunch of things. Met a kid in target who told me where to go to get glasses for the wife. Decided to not do that and keep looking for a good deal on Ray bans. Went to REI to check out some climbing shoes. Since i started climbing its been hard to find a pair of shoes to buy. Finally i could get that. By the time i got done it was almost 10 at night. Caught the bus and went home. Another long day but this one isn’t over. Starting packing and realized the boxes we had wasn’t going to be enough. ROshan was super nice and took me to Walmart in the middle of the night to pick up a couple of boxes. back home we packed up the stuff. Turns out i was 10 kgs over. Looks like i would have to pay excess baggage.

The next morning by about 10 i was ready. Called a cab since i had way too much of stuff to take the bus. At the airport the guy on the counter wanted me to pay additional for a bicycle inspite of the policy saying it was free. Thankfully his manager quickly solved that. Cathy seems super excited to see me. Hopefully the puppies would feel the same way.  The flight was uneventful.A long flight and finally got to town.

On the way home 

My mum,dad and wife had come to see me. Dad seems to be super proud, Mum seems more concerned about the beard and Cathy seems more concerned about the weight. After a nice cup of coffee we headed out home. Time to go see the kids. At home just as i thought Pip was super excited to see me. Noire on the other hand seemed not to know exactly who i was and Trouble walked by and said hello. Cathy made me a cup of coffee and we sat out chilling. Finally i was on my chair with my legs on the table drinking chai. Its been 70 days since I did that. It feels good to do that. Its going to be hard to get used to going back to work.

The idiots when i got home

Already i am thinking about my next ride hopefully soon. Time will tell.