My earliest memories of riding a bicycle was my dad teaching how to ride. I still vividly remember the smack i got when i refused to pedal to move forward and wanted him to push me forward. Another memory was my dad promising someone that i would buy their bicycle. I obviously dint want the milkman’s cycle even it was free. Thankfully mum ensured i would get a better bike . Two days after buying the new bike it had gotten stolen at my tutions. A few days later and tons of pleading mum got me  another one. This time around i used it for about 6 months before letting it rot in the garage.

Going into college  riding a bicycle wasn’t even an option. Motorcycles were a cooler and faster way to travel. After tons of begging and pleading finally got a motorcycle in my 2nd year of college and there was no looking back. Along the way i discovered motorcycle touring. Discovered by accident that you could ride your motorcycle across the country. After a few dozen ride i figured i was ready for the mountains. The only problem with that the mountains were really far away and i was super lazy to create a plan. Sat with a friend and on a rough piece of paper figured out a route. Did the ever popular Delhi > Leh > Manali.  After coming back home from the ride I got involved in running a business. With very little time to do things i loved the riding stopped. During my final semester at college i happened to get a break. I hadn’t attended enough classes and wasn’t allowed to write my exams. I had to wait for about 3 months to go back to college and was wondering about what to do.

My uncle happened to buy a bicycle to commute in the city. A rather expensive bicycle compared to the ones we had in the past. Seemed wasteful at that time but after riding it a couple of times it felt good. I guess you pay for what you get. I bought a cheap bike from a friend and rode it around for a couple of weeks. Sold that rather quick and bought a brand new one. Decided that since i dint have much to do why not ride to Nepal. A crash course on fixing the bike at the local bike store and i was off. Nepal was interesting but super hard to ride up the damn mountains. With a couple of gear failures along the way which i learnt ow to fix on the fly came back home feeling satisfied. After i finished at school took off on a long ride across the country. I hadn’t know anyone who had done that in the past but i figured i could always come back home if i got tired or bored. The ride to Leh was a huge learning experience. I learnt where to camp, what to eat and who to avoid. After 4 months on the road and riding on the highest motorable road in the world i was sitting on the banks of the river Ganga feeling satisfied. I figured that i enjoyed riding the bike. Seems like a form of meditation.This was getting addictive.

Back home after the ride to Leh i decided i would ride my bike around the world in 2018. Not that i had any money or knew who to do it but i figured i would need to believe it would happen. Each year i would spend atleast 3 weeks riding  my bike across some part of India. When i traveled on work sometimes i would take my bike with me and ride between 2 cities. Early 2015 I rode to the eastern part of India. With India more or less covered (atleast large portions of it) i had to figure out the plan for 2018.  The coast to coast ride to the US seemed appealing. A couple of training rides to Chennai and Indore and i was ready. On the ride i would send notes on what happened each day back home. A few days into the ride and a friend suggested that if i could keep enough notes i should write a blog about it. Figured if i wrote the blog then i could write a book.

Last evening i set up my work space in the spare bedroom and got the ash tray into the house. So here i am after writing the blog starting to work on the book. I figured if i don’t get this done quick i would loose interest. First things first need to find a title for the book.