When i started to work in Practo i moved to live in the other side of the city. Usually poeple move close to work but i moved away from work. It used to take me about 40 mins on a bicycle and about 45 mins on the motorcycle. This would be at a time when there wasnt any traffic. A few months later i moved closer to work. Now work was 10 mins away. I could ride my bike or the motorcycle and it would take the same amount of time. I could leave home at 11 and reach work at 11:10. To get to work at 9 am if oculd need to leave 15 mins before since it was rush hour.

I just happened to join a new workplace. Super close to the place i visit during the weekends for a cup of coffee with a couple of friends. What used to take me 20 min on the weekend to bike down is now taking me about 40 mins. This morning I left home at 8:45 thinking i should be able to get to work at the most by 9:10. Wanted a get a nice cup of coffee before i could go to work. Got stuck in a traffic jam and at 9:10 i was less than half way to work. Thank fully it hadnt rained else would still be stuck in the jam. Unlike on a biycle i cant ride on the footpath or jump over the diveder. This kinda sucks.

Thankfully the place i work at doesnt care about what i wear to work as long as i look presentable. Since i wouldn’t need to have a shower or a changing room this should work. The traffic drives me insane. Idiots cut you off all the time and sometimes curse you for coming in their way. Time to bring out the bicycle again. This city needs a moutain bike. Thankfully Cathy lets me use her’s atleast hen she is in a good mood.

Update: It took me about 45 mins to get back home last night. This morning on the bicycle took me less than 15 mins. Seems like the obvious choice from now on to travel to work.