Its been about couple months since i have finished the race and come back home. I haven’t ridden my bike longer than commuting to work. Its been a little strange having to sit at office and look at an excel sheet. Now i have saddle sores sitting on the chair looking at the endless rows and columns. The first week back at home was perfect, did a little work and mostly chilled at home sitting outside on the deck drinking chai and irritating the puppies. That part of the day was perfect. As time has gone by the wife and the dogs have gotten less tolerant of me sitting on my ass and expect me to contribute to house work. I think the puppies care about the chicken i would have to cook  for them.

I spent a month in the organisation I was with before I left on the ride after which joined a sports apparel company. Now trying to build relationships and understand how the organisation function seems to be the task at hand. The new place is interesting. Its a new industry that I haven’t worked in.Never did I think i would worry about apparel. Now conversations revolve around style of the season and price points. For someone who gets his wife or mother to buy clothes for him and whose sense of style is shorts with a tshirt now worries about what would a consumer want.

My wife now found a job that enables her to travel to exotic destinations as a guide / travel buddy. Hard not to be jealous. I would prefer to ride my bike rather than take care of the puppies while she travels but that’s how the dice have rolled. One of the things i did check was the leave policy. Turns out i would have to wait for 6 month to take a couple of days off.

These days i have started spending a little time on the book i plan to write on my ride. The first task was to write a synopsis. Sent in my first draft to my wife and it came back with so many changes that i almost couldn’t see my own text. Turns out i am not very good at writing. Thankfully Cathy can help with the edits and make the book a little better. I figured if i cant ride my bike for now atleast I could write about it. Hopefully this will keep me going till my next ride. Maybe a short ride sometime soon.