The Mobile Prison

A couple of years ago i used to volunteer with an organisation that helped people who had a problem with alcohol. We used to travel across the state to meet with people and organise sessions with them. Me and my trusted motorcycle have crisscrossed the state going to help out at these sessions. Small towns which i would have never visited have been on my list. We have lived in ashrams which surprisingly was run by the church, tents, hotels and what not. Those were days when going to work wasn’t a priority. Continue reading “The Mobile Prison”

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Books and Me

The last time I opened a book to study was sometime during B school. I think it was either statistics or accounts or maybe even International business. I wasn’t able to sit and study for more than about ten minutes at a time. Everytime it was about eight mins i would get distracted and start doing something else till I realized that I had to go back and study. This continued every eight to ten minutes. Continue reading “Books and Me”